Debut Series 2001 First Editions #6
Produced 2001-
Designer Gary Saffer
Number 28740


The Hooligan has come out in the following 1/64 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes Photo
018 2001 2001 First Editions #6 flat Black dark red/grey flames on side Unpainted / Metal Red 5SP 28740 Malaysia HooliganHiRighBlk
203 2001 Mainline Metalflake Dark Purple Red & silver flames Metalflake Silver Red 5SP 53732 China Silve flames 5sp silver painted China base
108 2002 Hot Rod Magazine Series II Light Green Yellow, Black, and White flames on side Unpainted / Metal Gray 5SP 54366 Malaysia Hooligan GrnR
N/A 2002 Pop's Garage Satin Rust Red (Primer Red) Red, Gold, Black and White HW logo with "Lucky Rat" Unpainted / Metal Black White Wall CDDRR 56149 Set Malaysia Target exclusive 4 car set. Hooligan PopsGarage
001 2003 Treasure Hunt White, Blue Blue Flaming Unpainted / metal Black GY RR Malaysia Hooligan
161 2003 Track Aces 5/10 Satin Teal white to yellow fade flames. Orange outline. 7 on side. Unpainted / Metal Black 5SP 57149 Malaysia Track Aces teal hooligan
122 2004 Tat Rods #5/5 Flat gray Red and black flames, Skull on side Unpainted / Metal Black 5DOT B3843 China Tat rods hooligan
na 2005 Heat Fleet II 5-Pack Metalflake Dark Red Red, orange & yellow tampos 5DOT G6914 China G6914 5 pk heat fleet 2 hooligan
23/30 2006 Hot Wheels Classics Series 2 Spectraflame Brown Gray scallops on sides Unpainted / Metal Gray GY5SP J2779 Thailand Hooligan Spectraflame Brown Series 2
23/30 2006 Hot Wheels Classics Series 2 Spectraflame Green Gray scallops on sides ZAMAC Gray GY5SP Thailand Hooligan.classic
23/30 2006 Hot Wheels Classics Series 2 Spectraflame Pink White, Blue scallops on sides ZAMAC Gray Chrome GY5SP Thailand
2007 Hot Wheels 5 5-Pack Metalflake Dark Red Black, red, orange & yellow tampos LW China Image Not Available
2007 Clover Cars Dark Olive Green Clover leaf & "Hooligan" on doors & hood 5DOT L5737 Malaysia Wal-Mart Exclusives Hooligan clover car
182 2008 2008 Mystery Cars Flat Black White and Red. "HOOLIGAN'S SOUTH BAY" Unpainted / Metal Brown RL5SP Malaysia HooliganMcOnBx
8/50 2009 Connect Cars - South Carolina Primer Gray Blue, Black and White "SO. CAROLINA MOONLIGHT DELIVERY", "SINCE 1789", "8" tampos Unpainted / Metal Blue Red Chrome 5SP N4158 Malaysia State Cars - Hooligan - S Carolina