Hiway Hauler 2
Debut Series New Models
Produced 2012 - Present
Designer Brendon Vetuskey
Number V5333
2012--45-MATTE GOLD,INTL,E23-1


The Hiway Hauler 2 is a successor to the 1992 Hiway Hauler designed by Larry Wood. In 2014, the casting was changed so the top of the cab is now metal.


The Hiway Hauler 2 has come out in the following 1/64 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
45 2012 New Models
Satin Gold Red, White, Black & Blue tampos Black / Plastic Black Chrome Blue 5SP V5333 Malaysia Base code(s): E26, E27 2012--45-MATTE GOLD,INTL,E23-1
5/5 2013 Happy Halloween!

Kroger Exclusive

Matte Black w/ Glow-in-the-dark box "The Halloween Horror Show" graphics on box Gray / Plastic Orange Chrome Green 5SP Y2145 Malaysia Base code(s): 0913-hiway-hauler-2-halloween-copy
6 2014 HW City City Works 6/10 Red "Hiway Hauler 2" , Black checkerboard, White Stripes, Odometer Black / Plastic Chrome Chrome Orange & Black PR5 BFC31 Malaysia Base code(s): Capture19
6 2014 HW City City Works 6/10 Turquoise "Hiway Hauler 2" , White checkerboard, Yellow Stripes, Odometer Black / Plastic Chrome Yellow & Black PR5 BFF42 Malaysia Base code(s): 2014 BFF42 Hiway Hauler 2
27/32 2014 Road Trippin' Black 'UFO Parking on side' Black / Plastic Chrome Chrome Green 5SP BDK90 Malaysia

State Route 375

Base code(s):

100 2966
7/21 2015 Road Trippin' Dark Blue 'Mount Fuji Express' on side Red / Plastic Chrome 5SP DFL41 Malaysia Base code(s): Hiway-Hauler-2-h
28 2015 Art Cars
White White bubbles and small 'Hot Wheels' logo Black / Plastic Grey Black & White 5SP CFH50 Malaysia Base code(s): G47 HH2
28 2015 Art Cars
Yellow Yellow bubbles and small 'Hot Wheels' logo Black / Plastic Chrome Black OH5 w/ Blue Chrome rims CFJ58 Malaysia Base code(s): G52 HH2 2015 2
7/10 2016 Stars & Stripes Metalflake Silver Red, White, & Blue Stars and Stripes Red / Plastic Chrome Red-Chrome 5SP DLV25 Malaysia Base code(s) Hiway Hauler 2 - 15 Stars&Stripes 600pxOTD
5pk 2018 HW Metro Turquoise Yellow, Blue and Red Stripes, 'HW Metro City Automotive Paint Supply' on side Orange / Plastic Chrome Orange PR5 FKT56 Indonesia Base code(s) : Metro5PKHiwayHauler