Released in 2007, the Heat Fleet 5-Pack (K6174) featured the castings listed below:

Heat Fleet a

Casting Name Body Color Tampos Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Country Notes Photo
'70 Hemi Challenger Satin Black White to yellow side flames outlined in brown, orange & silver, satin black & chrome shaker hood, "Challenger" & "Dodge" in silver, chrome grille Dark Gray / Plastic Yellow Tinted Chrome White 5SP China Challenger AGENTAIR 9
Super Tsunami Metalflake Purple Yellow & black flames on sides Black / Plastic Tinted Black Chrome PR5 China Supertsunami.purple
16 Angels Red Black Flame Tampos Unfinished / Metal Yellow Chrome PR5 China Heat Fleet 16 Angels
Hammered Coupe Metalflake Light Blue Pale Blue flames on sides Unpainted / Metal Blue Tint Chrome 5SP China IMG 4304-0
Boom Box Metalflake Blue-Gray Pearl white & dark purple flames on sides Black Clear Chrome PR5 China Boombox

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