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Released in 2002, the Happy Birthday 5-Pack (54393) consisted of cars with Happy Birthday themed tampos. However, some sets contained Limozeen, Mustang Cobra and Baby Boomer with non-Happy Birthday themed tampos.


Casting Name Body Color Tampo Color Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Country Notes Photo
Shadow Mk IIa Orange "Happy Birthday" Graphic Grey/ Plastic N/A Black and Grey PR5 Hw shadow mkiia 2002
Limozeen Red "Happy Birthday" Graphic Chrome/ Plastic Tinted White LW Image Not Available
Limozeen Red White w/ Orange Flames Chrome/ Plastic Tinted WHite LW Image Not Available
MX48 Turbo Yellow "Happy Birthday" Graphic Red/Black/Yellow Tinted Black 3SP Image Not Available
Mustang Cobra Purple "Happy Birthday" Graphic Black/ Plastic Red Tinted Grey LW Hw mustangcobra 2002
Mustang Cobra Purple White Stripes Black/ Plastic Red Tinted Grey LW Image Not Available
Baby Boomer Teal "Happy Birthday" Graphic Silver / Metal N/A Teal 5SP Hw baby boomer 2002
Baby Boomer Metallic Blue "Stork Express" Silver / Metal N/A Metallic Blue 5SP Image Not Available

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