Released in 2009, the HW Special Features Series featured 10 Hot Wheels Castings that have something extra special about them. From the secret, real-working whistle in the Night Burner to the firing missile in the Urban Agent to the opening parts, this series has some of the most innovative Hot Wheels to date.


The Following Castings were in the HW Special Features Series:

# in Series Casting Name Body Color Base Color Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Country Notes Photo
1 Dodge Ram 1500 Metalflake Light Green Dodge Ram 1500 2009
1 Dodge Ram 1500 Orange
2 Spector Flat Black Spector - HW Spec Feat
3 Jet Threat 4.0 Black
3 Jet Threat 4.0 Purple Jetthreat.purple
4 Split Decision Chrome Purple Splitdecision
5 Cloak and Dagger Transparent Yellow Cloak and Dagger Yellow
5 Cloak and Dagger Transparent Purple Cloak.purple
6 Ground FX Red Groundfx
6 Ground FX Blue Ground FX 2009 092 blue
7 Night Burner Black Night Burner 2009 - 1257ef
7 Night Burner Purple
8 Urban Agent Pearl White Orange Plastic Chrome Not Visible White-Rim, Black OH5 Malaysia Urban
9 Ferrari 512 M Metalflake Dark Blue Ferrari 512M 2009 - 9785df
9 Ferrari 512 M Red
9 Ferrari 512 M Yellow
10 XS-IVE Blue Xs-ive blue
10 XS-IVE Red

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