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HW Prototype 12
Debut Series 2002 First Editions
Produced 2002 - Present
Designer Phil Riehlman
HW Proto 12 Phil R Rev160507

This Hot Wheels original design is a twelve cylinder mid-engined supercar and resembles a McLaren F1 GTR. It is the final car in the Hot Wheels: Velocity X racing game.  It is also playable in Hot Wheels: Stunt Track Challenge and it replaced the Pontiac Rageous in the Hot Wheels: World Race video game. In the Highway 35 World Race movie, the CLYP robots use HW Prototype 12 cars.


The HW Prototype 12 has come out in the following 1/64 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes Photo
036 2002 2002 First Editions #24 Metalflake Dark Orange Silver headlight tampos Unpainted / Metal Purple tint Gray PR5 Malaysia HW Prototype 12 PR5 first edition 2002
143 2003 Track Aces #2 Metaflake Orange yellow/black/white/orange tampos Unpainted / Metal Clear Gray PR5 Malaysia HW Prototype 12 track aces Series 2003
192 2004 Track Aces Series White Clear PR5 HW Prototype 12 CIMG1055
2/2 2006 3 Kings Car Metallic Silver Dark Red and Gold flaming rally stripes Unpainted / Metal Clear Red 5SP L3728 Malaysia HWPrototype12 3Kings
2008 Top Speed GT 5-Pack Metalflake Red "4" with Black, White and Gold racing tampos Unpainted / Metal Clear Tan 5SP L9969 Malaysia HW Prototype 12 5-Pack - 9539cf
2008 Metallic Red "4" with Black, White and Gold racing tampos. Bottom side stamp B12 Unpainted / Metal Clear Tan 5SP Thailand Playable In Hotwheels Beat That

(Only In PC And Wii)

HW Prototype 12 5-Pack - 9539cf
2010 Rock 'N' Road 5-Pack White and transparent Dark Blue Orange and Lime Green strips, "HW PROTOTYPE " Motorsports, "12" and Hot Wheels Logo & "Leeway Motorsports" Black / Plastic Blue White PR5 R7661 Thailand ROCK N ROAD HW 12 PROTOTYPE
N/A 2012 Max Steel : Core Overload 5 pack X1111 Image Not Available
N/A 2013 Street Beasts X9853 Image Not Available
N/A 2014 Flame Fighters 5-Pack White Black flames, "484", "FIRE" and "HotWheels Fire Dept." logo on the sides Chrome / Plastic Orange tint Black PR5 BFB34 Thailand Base code(s): G36 HWP12FlameFighters
N/A 2016 2016 Mystery Models #05 Orange Black, Green, White, and Light Orange around '12' Unpainted / Metal Purple tint Black PR5 Y8127 Malaysia HW -Prototype-12 Orange 2016-MM RF DSCF8418



  • The HW Prototype 12's body appears to be heavily inspired by the 1993 McLaren F1.
  • HW Prototype 12 is the Prototype car Dr. Peter Justice had designed in Hot Wheels: Velocity X. The car's speed was capable of bending the light around it to make it look invisible, and could also be used for time travel. Otto Von Diesel, however, stole the car and Dr. Justice had his son Max disable and retrieve it.
    • Its color in this game follows a similar color to the 2002 First Editions variant.
    • It is also the fastest car in the game, with a regular top speed of 184 mph (296 km/h).

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