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Released in 2009, the HW Daredevils 5-Pack featured 5 "stunt" vehicles. Only the Rockster has the full "Stunt Team" tampo. Wastelander and Off Track have "HWST" and the Sand Stinger & H2Go are both missing Stunt Team related tampos.

Other Race Team Tampos include: WSCOTTS, ADLER


The following cars were in the HW Daredevils 5-Pack:

Casting Name Body Color Base Color Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Country Notes/Variations Photo
Sand Stinger White DSCN3394-1-
Wastelander Green 2009 5pk N4073 HW Daredevils Wastelanders a.jpg
Rockster Gold/Yellow 2009 5pk N4073 HW Daredevils Rockster a.jpg
Off Track Red 2009 5pk N4073 HW Daredevils Off Track a.jpg
H2Go Blue 2009 5pk N4073 HW Daredevils H2Go a.jpg

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