Grass Hopper
Debut Series Flying Colors
Produced 1974-1975
Designer Larry Wood
Number 7622
1975 GRass Hopper no motor

Grass Hopper Description

The Grass Hopper released in 1974 is  a  reissue of the cast Grass Hopper (1971), with major changes. The Cast lost the rear motor and canvas canopy, released in Enamel paint and with a large motor in front. A major change to the body removing all of the miner's tools that were part of the old body and Tampo's were added to the sides . Odd history with all that retooling of the casting. The very next year was the last we would see of the Grass Hopper, not before another casting change with the loss of the front motor. Aww but what other cast shows up in the line up? The Gun Slinger without the motor.

The blister pack for 1974 was changed to a white back ground with cars (Baja Breaker,Heavy Chevy & P-917) Flying off the card. The Card itself was 7" x 4.5"


The Grass Hopper has come out in the following 1/64 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
1974 Flying Colors Enamel Green Orange, Blue "Grass Hopper" on sides Unpainted / Metal Clear Black RL 7622 Hong Kong
1974 grass hopper w-motor
1975 Flying Colors Enamel Green Orange, Blue "Grass Hopper" on sides Black / Plastic Clear Black RL 7622 Hong Kong
1975 GRass Hopper no motor

Similar Castings

Grass Hopper (1970) Grasshopper Gun Slinger (1975) Gunslinger

Mountain Goat (2010)


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