The Grand Prix series debuted in 1969 with 8 cars produced that year.  The Ford J-Car was carried over from 1968 and added to the Grand Prix series.  Two cars 1970 (Ferrari 312p and Porsche 917) cars were added in 1970 to round out the series

The Cars:

Brabham Repco F! Purp Chapparal Indyeagle
Brabham Repco F1 (1969) Chapparral 2G (1969) Indy Eagle (1969)
Ferrari312p Fordjcarblue Fordmarkiv
Ferrari 312P (1970) Ford J-Car (1968) Ford Mark IV (1969)
Lolagt Lotusturbine Mclarenmga
Lola GT70 (1969) Lotus Turbine (1969) McLaren M6A (1969)
Porsche 917 1970 Red Shelbyturbine
Porsche 917 (1970) Shelby Turbine (1969)

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