Golden Submarine
Debut Series Hot Wheels Garage
Produced 2010-
GoldenSubmarine GarageSet

The Golden Submarine is based on a custom car re-imagined from an early twentieth century streamlined race car designed and built in 1917 by Fred Offenhauser and Harry A. Miller for Barney Oldfield.


The Golden Submarine has come out in the following 1/64 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
2010 Hot Wheels Garage 30 Car Set Metalflake Black Dark red and Silver stripe on sides Metalflake Black / Metal N/A Metalflake Dark Red Redline RRC GoldenSubmarine GarageSet
26/39 2010 2010 Hot Wheels Garage (Larry's Garage) Unpainted / Metal (Clear coated) Brown and gold hood straps Unpainted / Metal N/A ZAMAC MD R3769 Malaysia P1100190c 1000
26/39 2010 2010 Hot Wheels Garage (Larry's Garage) Metalflake Dark Red Brown and Gold hood straps Metalflake Dark Red / Metal N/A Metallic Dark Red MD R3769 Malaysia GoldenSubmarine LG Red
26/39 2010 2010 Hot Wheels Garage (Larry's Garage) Metalflake Dark Gold Brown and Silver hood straps Metalflake Dark Gold / Metal N/A Metalflake Dark Gold MD R3769 Malaysia GoldenSubmarine LG Gold
2012 Hot Wheels Boulevard Flat Metalflake Silver Red roof and hood/ Black hood straps Flat Metalflake Silver / Metal N/A ZAMAC Red MD w/ Whitewall tires W4607 Malaysia Base Code(s): D46 2012-HotWheelsBoulevard-GoldenSubmarine

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