Car Name Year Photo
Nissan 300ZX 1990 Nissan 300ZX Getty
Blown Camaro 1990 Blown camaro GttyBW
Blown Camaro 1990 Blown camaro GttyUH
VW Golf 1991 VW Golf Gtty
VW Bug 1991 VW Bug AGENTAIR 3
Range Rover 1991 Range Rover Getty
Porsche 959 1991 Porsche 959 Gtty
BMW 850i 1992 BMW 850 Gtty
Bywayman 1992 Bywayman Getty
Camaro Z-28 1992 Camaro Z28 Gty


Car Name Year Photo
Zender Fact 4 1993 Zender Fact 4 RedShl
Purple Passion 1994 Passion AGENTAIR 5
Turbo Streak 1994 Turbo Streak-20939
Turbo Streak 1995 Turbo Streak YelShell
Bywayman 1995 Bywayman Shell


Car Name Year Photo
57 T-Bird 1994 57 T-Bird TrqGlf
Blimp 1994 Image Not Available
Tank Truck 1994 Tank Truck OrgGryBW
Turbo Streak 1994 Turbo Streak Org76
Porsche_917K 2014 HWC Gulf Porsche 917K-17529
Ford_GT-40 2013 HWC Gulf Image Not Available

See also : HWC Gulf Racing

Union 76

Car Name Year Photo
Tank Truck 1994 Tank Truck OrgGyBW
Tank Truck 1995 Tank Truck OrgGry7sp
Lumina Stocker 1995 Lumina Stocker Blk
Zender Fact 4 1996 Zender Fact 4 Wht76
Turbo Streak 1996 Turbo Streak Blu76

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