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Fright Bike
Debut Series 2001 First Editions
Produced 2001 - Present
Designer Phil Riehlman
Number 21

The Fright Bike is a design by Phil Riehlman, most likely based on a motorbike modifed for drag racing. It typically includes a ground scraper/long anti-wheelie bar that can be removed or folded on the bike's bottom. As another rule of thumb, it is always in at least a transparent color due to the design (not always though).


The Fright Bike has come out in the following 1/64 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
033 2001 First Editions 21/36 Clear Purple No tampos Unpainted / Metal Chrome Rim MC3 28763 Some had a Choking Hazard sticker while other had it printed on card 033
133 2002 Mainline Clear Red No tampos Chrome rim MC3 55018 Bike
162 2003 Wastelanders 5/10 Clear (colorless) Black, Yellow & Orange flames Unpainted / Metal Red Rim MC3 57150 Fright Bike CIMG0891
080 2005 Rebel Rides Series 5/5 Translucent Green Black, White & Light Green tampos Unpainted / Metal Gray G6817 2005-080a
2006 Wild Things 5-Pack Clear Red Yellow, White, Black & Silver tampos, "WT", "5" Unpainted / Metal Red All Black MC3 no ground scraper/long wheelie bar IMG 0038
6/8 2007 Fright Cars Series Transparent Dark Blue Gray, Orange, Black and Yellow tampos, Pumpkin with flames design Unpainted / Metal Smoked Red Rim MC3 M3078 Thailand Wal-Mart Exclusive Fright bike Fright Cars
N/A 2007 Fright Cars Series Transparent Red Gray, Orange, Black and Yellow tampos, Pumpkin with flames design Unpainted / Metal Smoked All Black MC3 M3078 Thailand Target Exclusive Fright Bike - Fright Cars 5-pk
N/A 2009 HW Drag Racers 5-Pack Transparent Yellow Black flames outlined in Yellow to Red Fade Unpainted / Metal Black Red Rim MC3 Thailand FrightBike DragRacing5
124 2011 HW Drag Racers 4/10 Clear Green Black & Orange flames, Black & White race decos, Blue checkers Unpainted / Metal Green Green Rim MC3 T9831 Malaysia Possibly first to use transparent handlebar cover. 2011FrightbikeGreen
124 2011 HW Drag Racers 4/10 Clear Purple White & Silver flames, Black & White race decos, Orange checkers Unpainted / Metal Orange Orange Rim MC3 V0039 Malaysia Base Code(s): D25 Fright Bike (800x600)
124 2011 HW Drag Racers 4/10 Orange Blue & Orange flames, Orange race decos, Red checkers Unpainted / Metal Blue Blue Rim MC3 V5552 Malaysia Base code(s): D40, D48

Does not have the anti-wheelie bar

Fright bike 2011 orange
- 2012 Motor Cycles Teal HW logo, '02', & Black & White stripes on sides, '02' on the back of the rider Light Gold / Metal Dark Grey Chrome Blue MC3 X2075 Malaysia Base code(s): E19

Has a Black anti-wheelie bar

Has a removable White soft plastic rider

Fright Bike package front


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