Debut Series 2005 First Editions - Realistix
Produced 2005-present
Designer Rob Matthes
Number G6727


The Formul8r has been released in the following 1/64 scale versions

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
013 2005 2005 First Editions-Realistix #13 Metalflake Purple Black and white tampos on hood Black Yellow Tint Metal Gold 10SP G6727 Malaysia 2005-013a
013 2005 2005 First Editions-Realistix #13 Metalflake Purple Black and white tampos on hood Black Yellow Tint Metal FTE G6727 Malaysia 2005-013b
2006 Egg-Clusives Series #5 Metalflake Aqua Black, gold, white, and red tampos with rabbit on hood and "416" on sides Chrome Red 10SP J7082 Malaysia Image Not Available
079 2007 Hot Wheels Racing Series #3 Metalflake Blue Hot Wheels Race Team Deco. "8" Black Plastic Clear Metal White 10SP K7594 Malaysia Formul8r - 07 Race Team
2009 Racing Rigs Yellow Black, red, white, and silver tampos and "P1 Racing" on sides and across top Black Red tint 10SP N3979 Malaysia Also available in 10-packs Formul8r racingrigs
11 / 25 2009 Connect Cars: Track Legends #11 Yellow OH5 Connectformul8r
2010 Mystery Cars Watermelon pearl metallic black/white with question mark tampo black Tinted tinted chrome Gold 10SP Malaysia

Base codes:


2012 3-Pack Metalic Red Deco. "8" Chrome Yellow Tint Chrome Gold 10SP Malaysia Base Code(s) E10 Formul8r.2012 3-Pack
10 / 12 2013 Mystery Models Series 2 Metallic Pink Yellow, Silver, Black, White tampo "8" Grey/ Platic Yellow Tint Chrome Gold 10SP Y8135 Malaysia 2013-MM2-Formul8r-Pink
N/A 2013 Max Steel Speed 5-Pack BCC55 Image Not Available
153 / 250 2014 HW Race - Thrill Racers Red White, Blue, Black Tampo "8" White / Plastic Blue Tint Chrome Yellowline PR5 BFD27 Malaysia Base Code(s): F43 2014 BFD27 Formul8r
153 / 250 2014 HW Race - Thrill Racers Yellow White, Blue, Black Tampo "8" Blue / Plastic Orange Tint Gold Rim PR5 BFG51 Malaysia Base Code(s): G07 Formul8r-2014 153 2ºcolor
N/A 2015 Multi-Pack Exclusive Metalflake Sky Blue White, Yellow, Black, Pink Tampo "8" Gray / Plastic Pink Tint White Purple-Chrome-Rim, Black PR5 X6999 Malaysia Base Code(s):


Formul8r - 15 Multi-Pack Exclusive 600pxDM
48 / 250 2016 Glow Wheels Metalflake Dark Green Light Indigo, Yellow, White,Yellow, Tampo "8" Light Indigo / Plastic Gold Tint White Glow-in-the-Dark Yellow Rim OH5 DHP74 Malaysia Base Code(s):


100 1243SAM 0152 -1-
48 / 250 2016 Glow Wheels Red DHW66 Malaysia Base Code(s): J10 Formul8rJL
2016 Mystery Models #08 Metalflake Burnt Orange Black Text, with White and Blue stripes, including the "8" Gray / Plastic Blue Tint White Black with Blue Chrome Rim PR5 Malaysia Base Code(s):


HW Formul8r Orange 2016MM RF DSCF9177
- 2017 Dragon Blast 5-Pack Metalflake Dark Blue Orange, Yellow & White designs, '88', HW Logo on sides Yellow / Plastic Clear Yellow Black OH5 w/ White rims DVF90 Thailand / Malaysia Base code(s): J42 Formul8rDVF90