Ford Shelby GR-1 Concept
Debut Series 2005 First Editions
Produced 2005 - Present
Designer Phil Riehlman
Number 016
Ford Shelby GR-1 - 2005 First Edition1


The Ford Shelby GR-1 Concept has come out in the following 1/64 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes Photo
016 2005 First Editions #16 Chrome Chrome Blue Tint Black Chrome PR5 G7929 Malaysia Ford Shelby GR-1 - 2005 First Edition1
016 2005 First Editions #16 Chrome Chrome Blue Tint Gray Chrome 10SP G7929 Malaysia 2005-016b
016 2005 First Editions #16 Chrome Chrome Blue Tint Black FTE G7929 Malaysia 2005-016d
016 2005 First Editions #16 Silver Gray Blue Tint Gray Chrome PR5 G7929 Malaysia 2005-016e
016 2005 First Editions #16 Silver Silver Blue Tint Gray Chrome PR5 G7929 Malaysia 2005-016e
016 2005 First Editions #16 Silver Silver Blue Tint Gray FTE G7929 Malaysia 2005-016f
206 2006 Hot Wheels 84/96 Flat Black

Gloss Black Racing Stripes, Ford Emblem

Chrome Tinted Black Chrome PR5 J8033 Malaysia 2006-206-FordShelbyGR1Concept-Black
206 2006 Hot Wheels 84/96 Dark Red Chrome Clear Black Chrome PR5 J8033 Malaysia Ford Shelby GR-1 Concept
N/A 2007 Exotics 5-Pack Metallic Gray Small Ford logo on front Chrome Tinted Black Chrome 5SP K6180 Thailand Exotics 5-Pack - Shelby GR1 Concept
181 2008 Mystery Cars 09/24 Dark Green Small Ford logo on front. Silver Rally stripes with reverse flames. Chrome Clear Black Black OH5 M6951 Malaysia Ford Shelby gr1 mystery
6/26 2009 Cop Rods Black White, Light Blue, Yellow tampos on sides, and hood, with Yellow "Police" and "09" on sides Chrome Light Blue Black OH5 N8998 Malaysia FordShelbyGR-1 CopRods
23/26 2009 Military Rods Flat Khaki Green Orange and Green camo design. "El Segundo Base Patrol" Dark Grey / Plastic Orange tint Black Gold Chrome rim. Black OH5 N9822 Thailand FordShelbyGR-1Concept MilitaryRods
N/A 2010 Speed Machines Dark Blue Thick White rally stripes, "00" Black / Plastic Tinted Pearl Silver White CM6 R8505 Malaysia FordShelbyGR-1 SM Blue
N/A 2010 Speed Machines Spectraflame Gray Light Gray rally stripes. Headlights, Ford symbol Black / Plastic Clear Black Chrome rim, Gray CM6 T4436 Malaysia FordShelbyGR-1 SM Grey
2010 Holiday Hot Rods 3-Pack Red White, Black and Gold, Tribal stripes and Bells Gold Chrome / Plastic Tinted Black Gold Chrome OH5 Thailand Target Exclusive FordShelbyGR-1 10Hol Tar
2010 Holiday Hot Rods Gold Red and White stripes, "25" White / Plastic Tinted Red Red Chrome rim, Black OH5 V1439 Thailand Walmart Exclusive FordShelbyGR-1 10Hol Wal
2011 American Performance 5-Pack Lt. Tan Mt. Brown & Yellow Stripes Brown / Plastic Clear Orange OH5 5Pack T8632 Thailand Base Codes: C44, D02 Ford shelby gr1 concept
058 2012 Treasure Hunts Series Yellow Black Stripes Black/ Plastic Tinted Black Yellow-rim, Black PR5 Malaysia Base Codes: E08 Ford Shelby GR-1 Concept.2012 Treasure Hunts Series
2012 Hot Wheels Boulevard Satin Silver Flat White Racing Stripes Black Metal Tinted Black RR W4620 Malaysia Base Codes: E11 2012-HWB-FordShelbyGR1Concept-Silver
9/12 2013 Mystery Models Series 2 Pearl White Blue side stripes Blue / Plastic Blue Tint Black OH5 Y8135 Malaysia Base codes: E49 2013-MM2-FordShelbyGR-1Concept-White
178 2015 List of 2015 Hot Wheels HW Race Track Aces Orange Black White stripes on hood, Black stripe on roof, Black White Yellow stripes on sides, HW logo on sides Black / Plastic Clear Black Yellow-rim, Black PR5 CFL17 Malaysia Base Codes: G32 HW-2015-178-Ford Shelby GR 1 Concept-TrackAces
178 / 250 2015 List of 2015 Hot Wheels HW Race Track Aces Matte White Blue, orange &grey stripes on side. Blue stripe thru the top w/some orange on the hood. Blue / Plastic Smoke tint Orange BlackPR5 gold rim CFK05 Malaysia Base Code: G49 Kmart exclusive HW-2015-178-Ford Shelby GR-1 Concept-TrackAces.
2016 Mystery Models #02 Blue Blue, Orange & Grey stripes on sides and top. Chrome / Plastic Smoke Tint Black Black PR5 White rim Malaysia Base Code: H52 HW Ford-Shelby-GR-1-Concept Blue 2016MM 01 DSCF8653
N/A 2016 Mattel Exclusive Mail-In Metalflake Gold Black Stripes and Flames, Black HW-Logo on trunk Gold / Plastic Yellow Tint Gold Gold PR5 DPN13 Malaysia Base Code: J18

Thailand only

S 108642322


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