Ford GT-90
Debut Series 1998 First Editions
Produced 1998 - 2010
Designer Phil Riehlman
Number 18850
Ford GT-90 Wht

The Ford GT-90 was a concept car unveiled by Ford at the Detroit Auto Show in 1995. It was never intended to be a production car, and was made purely as a test-bed for the new technology of the time, and to show the world that Ford had the capability to build a supercar itself.

After the initial fanfare died down and the dust settled, the car went into storage and was forgotten for the next decade and a half. In the last few years, it has just recently been making rounds at auto shows and showrooms again, and was even yanked from being put on an auction. It is unknown where the real concept car lurks today.  The Hot Wheels model of the car, however, can be found more easily.

Nevermind 1995, even by today's standards it is a supercar of supercars. The quad-turbocharged 6.0-liter V12 puts out an estimated 720 horsepower, the body is constructed completely of carbon fiber and top speed is somewhere in the 250 mph range. The only hints that it's not a modern supercar is the all-navy blue interior, and wheels that are decidedly not from this decade.


The Ford GT-90 has come out in the following versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes Photo
668 1998 First Editions White tiny Black Hot Wheels & Ford Logos unpainted metal Black tint Blue 3SP 18850 Malaysia Ford GT-90 Wht
1999 Toy Fair Black, Chrome & Blue Chrome Clear Gray 3SP Fordgt90toyfair
1073 1999 Mainline Red White, Black, Gold markings unpainted metal Clear Black SB 18850 China Ford GT-90 Red
5pk 1999 Criss Cross Crash Yellow White, Yellow, Red, Black "15" unpainted metal Clear Black 3SP 18850 Malaysia Ford GT-90 Yelt
1032 1999 Mainline Yellow White, Yellow, Red, Black "15" unpainted metal Clear Black 3SP 18850 Malaysia Ford GT-90 Yelt
1 2000 Future Fleet 2000 Black Red, Silver markings unpainted metal Green Tint Tan LW 18850 Malaysia Ford GT-90 Blk
224 2000 Mainline Green White, Black, Silver Unpainted metal Clear White 5DOT 29280 China Ford GT-90.
062 2001 Anime Series White Black, Blue & White. " Anime on side ZAMAC Blue Grey Chrome PR5 50097 China Fordgt90
5pk 2001 Cyborg City Blue tiny silver hot wheels logo on front efx recovery team gt90 unpainted metal Clear Gray 3SP 50042 China 100 0298
5pk 2001 City Service Image Not Available
240 2002 Mainline Air Circus 5-Pack Olive 89' & Star on sides 3SP Malaysia Ford GT-90 CIMG1195
5pk 2003 Cop Squad Black "Police" Orange 3SP Ford GT-90 CIMG1202
139 2006 mainline Black Blue & Orange. Hot Wheels on side ZAMAC Orange Grey Chrome 3SP Malaysia
5pk 2010 Attack Pack 5-Pack Silver Red, Black & Gray Splatter Graphics. "FORD GT 90", Hot Wheels Logo. ZAMAC Red Tint Chrome PR5 R2770 Thailand Ford GT-90 - 10 Attack Pack 5-Pack


From the back of the 1998-card:

The HOT WHEELS® Chapparal 2G racer was availbale from 1969-1971 and came in over a dozen colors. Look for the metallic pink version which is highly valued by collectors!

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