Ford Escort
Debut Series 1983 Hot Wheels
Produced 1983
Designer Larry Wood
Number 3288


In 1983, Hot Wheels debuted the Ford Escort, a replication of the at the time, all-new Ford Escort XR3 (the first edition was released with 'XR3' tampos on the doors). To those in North America, the Escort was something new and with the GT model, something somewhat exciting. Meanwhile, in Europe the Escort was already a well-known name, as the Original Escort had debuted way back in 1968 and the XR3 was by then the third generation of the name.(The XR3 badge was used only on the European Market). In the 2000 TV mini-series "Clarkson's Car Years", an episode covered the hot Hatchback era of the 1980s, mentioned the XR3 and it's principle rival the Volkswagen Golf GTI and the Ford Escort RS Cosworth a later iteration of the Escort. (link to YouTube video of Episode: Clarkson's Car Years- The New Romantics)


The Ford Escort has come out in the following versions:

Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes Photo
1983 List of 1983 Hot Wheels - New Castings Black Orange stripe "XR3" Unpainted / Metal Clear Black BW 3288 Malaysia Fordescortblack
1983 List of 1983 Hot Wheels - New Castings Black Brown stripe BW 3288 France Fordescortblackfrance
1983 International Black Gold stripe BW 3288 France 1983 Ford Escort gold stripe France BP
1983 1983 Hot Wheels Black BW 3288 France Image Not Available
1984 1984 Hot Wheels Yellow Red, Blue, White "ESCORT G.T." Unpainted / Metal Clear Black BW 3288 Malaysia Fordescortyellow
1985 1985 Hot Wheels Lemon Yellow Larger 'Escort G.T.' tampo BW Mexico Image Not Available
1985 1985 Hot Wheels Red 'Escort G.T.' tampo BW Mexico IMG 20140623 222015
1985 1985 Hot Wheels White 'Escort G.T.' tampo BW Mexico Image Not Available


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