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Ferrari 360 Modena
Debut Series 1999 First Editions
Produced 1999-Present
Designer Michael Kolins
Ferrari 360 Modena 01

The Ferrari 360 Modena is based on the actual production model.


The Ferrari 360 Modena has come out in the following versions:

Coll # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes Photo
1113 1999 1999 First Editions #21 Red Ferrari logo on hood, Hot Wheels logo on rear Black Clear Black 5SP 23902 Malaysia Ferrari 360 Modena 01
2000 World Racers 2 5-Pack Silver White, Orange, Black "48", "360 modena" Unpainted / Metal Clear White 5HO Thailand Ferrari 360 slv
204 2001 2001 Hot Wheels Black Ferrari logo on Hood Black / Metal Clear Tan PR5 53733 Malaysia Ferrari 360 Modena 06
2004 2001 2001 Hot Wheels Black Ferrari logo on hood Black / Metal Clear Tan 5SP 53733 Malaysia Ferrari 360 Modena 05
12/16 2002 Automobile Milestones Red Yellow, Silver, Black, "Automobile Milestones" Logo Black / Metal Clear White PR5 55936 Malaysia Ferrari 360 Modena 02
2003 Nokia Challenge Blue / Yellow White "Nokia" on roof; various racing tampos all over Unpainted / Metal Clear Red LW 85645 Thailand Ferrari 360 Modena-17639
3/4 2004

2004 Hot Wheels Affinity

Got Speed?

Metalflake Grey Ferrari emblem on hood Black Clear Tan RRPRF C2639 Malaysia Ferrari 360 Modena 07
N/A 2004 Hall of Fame Line - Greatest Rides Metalflake Blue White, Yellow, Red flames "5" Black Clear Grey PC6 Malaysia Ferrari 360 Modena 13
128 2004 Ferrari Heat Series 1/5 Yellow Green, Black, and White flames on sides Black Outed Black 5SP Malaysia The other Variation is 5PR Ferrari 360 Modena 11
2007 Ferrari 5-Pack (2007) Black stripes across top PR5 china Ferrari 360 Modena 04
2007 Ferrari 5 5-Pack Metalic Burgundy White with Italian Flag Strip Black metal Clear Black Chrome PR5 China Ferrari 360 Modena 03
2007 Ferrari Racer Yellow Red, White. Black n°"36" on side Unpainted Metal Tinted Black CM6 Grey Malaysia Ferrari 360 Modena 10
2007 Ferrari Racer Orange Silver, black. White n°"34" on side Unpainted Metal Clear Black CM6 Grey Malaysia Ferrari 360 Modena 12
3/24 2008 Ferrari Racer 2-Tone Metallic Blue Silver racing deco, "8" Clear Grey CM6 Grey Ferrari 360 Modena 09
14/24 2008 Ferrari Racer Flat Black

Red and Yellow, "45

Unpainted Metal Clear Black Yellow Chrome, Grey CM6 Malaysia IMG-20130804-03098
  2010 Ferrari 5 5-Pack White Red stripes outlined in Black on front. "360" on doors Black / Metal Clear Black Black PR5 Thailand Ferrari 360 Modena 08


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