Ferrari 333 SP
Debut Series 2000 First Editions
Produced 2000 – 2011
Designer Mark Jones
Number B5936
Ferrari 333 SP 18


The Ferrari 333 SP is a successful sports prototype car designed by Dallara for Ferrari in 1993 meant to compete in IMSA's then-new WSC (World Sports Car) class; the car slowly became outdated by 2000 and was last seen competing in the 2003 500km of Monza. Of the 144 races it competed in, it won 56 and achieved 69 poles.

The car's engine is a modified version of the engine used in Ferrari's 1990 Formula One car, the 641, with the displacement upped to 3,997cc.


After 2006 the casting was slightly modified, gaining a roll bar insert made of plastic. The Ferrari 333 SP has come out in the following versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes Photo
071 2000 First Editions 11 Red White "17" and Blue, Yellow and Orange flame tampos Black / Plastic Black LW 24374 Malaysia Ferrari 333 SP 01
157 2001 Mainline Black "17" and Blue, Yellow and Orange flame tampos Black / Plastic Yellow PR5 53700 China Ferrari 333 SP 17
5pk 2002 Ferrari Blue "Ferrari" on front and sides Black / Plastic Blue WSP


Thailand DSC04343
5-Pk 2003 Ferrari Black White, Black and Yellow "51". HW logo on right side Black / Plastic Yellow PR5 China Ferrari 333 SP 11
132 2004 Ferrari Heat 5/5 White Black and Red flame tampos Black / Plastic White Y5 B3853 Malaysia Other Variation is Thailand Base Ferrari 333 SP 13
2004 Ferrari Hall of Fame / Milestones Moments Red "Momo" yellow tampos Red / Plastic White RRPR B5936 Thailand Ferrari 333 SP 18
2005 Ferrari Red Ferrari" and Black and Yellow flame tampos Black / Plastic Black 5SP G6920 Thailand Ferrari 333 SP 06
195 2006 Mainline Black Yellow, Orange and Red flame tampos Black / Plastic Blue 5SP J8025 Malaysia Ferrari 333 SP - 7055cf
139 2007 All Stars Red "Ferrari" and Silver and White flame tampos Black / Plastic White 5SP Malaysia Ferrari 333 SP 07
139 2007 All Stars Yellow "Ferrari" and Black and Silver flame tampos Black / Plastic White 5SP L3092 Malaysia Ferrari 333 SP 10
139 2007 All Stars Flat Black "Ferrari" and Red and Silver flame tampos Black / Plastic 5SP Malaysia red base on short card Ferrari 333 SP 12
2007 Ferrari Racer Metallic Dark Blue Yellow, Lt. Blue, & White '3' on sides Black / Plastic Black Interior CM6 Malaysia Ferrari 333 SP 14
2007 Ferrari Racer Satin Red Black "13" On Side Black Plastic Black Yellow CM6 Malaysia Ferrari 333 SP 02
5pk 2008 Ferrari GT 5-Pk Silver White, Red, Black. Ferrari + 8 On side Black Plastic Black Chrome 5SP Thailand Ferrari 333 SP 09
5/24 2009 Ferrari Racer Satin red Gold lines, "333" number in sides & Hood, Ferrari logo in rear Wing Black / Plastic Black CM6 Thailand Ferrari 333 SP 05
16/24 2009 Ferrari Racer Metallic Burnt Orange / Black Ferrari emblems on front and sides, Yellow "Ferrari" on rear wing Black / Plastic Black Red Chrome rim, Black CM6 N8098 Malaysia Ferrari 333 SP 08
2010 Speed Machines Dark Red / White Ferrari racing deco, "3" Gray / Plastic Gray Chrome Rim, Gold CM6 R8493 Malaysia Ferrari 333 SP 03
2010 Speed Machines Metallic Dark Blue Red panel on front, Yellow Stripes, "33" Black / Plastic Black Red Chrome rim, White CM6 T4424 Malaysia Ferrari 333 SP 15
4/6 2011 Thrill Racers  Raceway Red Black & white stripes, "4", Ferrari logo Black / Plastic Black PR5 T9927 Malaysia Base Code(s): D02,D10 Ferrari 333 SP 04



From the back of Speed Machines card

Horsepower: 650hp

Top speed: 230mph

Acceleration 0-60mph: 3.3 seconds