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2008 brought the intial release of the Father's Day K-Mart Exclusives in place of Kmart Collector's Day. Not only would Hot Wheels collectors find this extraordinary 5 car series a big hit, but also any person or child looking to give a great gift for Father's Day. The Dairy Delivery with metal base was highly sought after by collectors.

In 2009 the series returned with 5 more hot castings... including the '57 Buick making its first debut outside of the Ultra Hots Series.

For 2015 another series consisting of 4 more castings has come out and being sold at Kmart and Kroger.

2008 Father's Day

Toy # # in Series Series Name Casting Store Name Photo
N3251 1/5 Father's Day '63 Split Window K Mart Fathers 63 corvette
N3252 2/5 Father's Day '57 Chevy Bel Air K Mart Fathers 57 bel air
N3253 3/5 Father's Day Dairy Delivery K Mart Fathers dairy
N3254 4/5 Father's Day Chevy Nomad K Mart Fathers nomad
N3255 5/5 Father's Day Rodger Dodger K Mart Fathers rodger dodger

2009 Father's Day

Toy # # in Series Series Name Casting Store Name Photo
P3510 1/5 Father's Day '70 Chevelle SS K Mart 09FDChevelleSSRt
P3511 2/5 Father's Day '57 T-Bird K Mart 09FD57TBirdRt
P3512 3/5 Father's Day '65 Pontiac Bonneville K Mart 09FD65BonnevilleRt
P3513 4/5 Father's Day '57 Buick K Mart 09FD57BuickRt
P3514 5/5 Father's Day '70 Hemi Challenger K Mart 09FDChallengerRt

2015 Father's Day

Toy # # in Series Series Name Casting Store Name Photo
CFV00 1/4 Father's Day 63 Mustang II Concept Kmart & Kroger HW-Happy Fathers Day-63 Mustang II Concept.
CFV02 2/4 Father's Day Custom '11 Camaro Kmart & Kroger HW-Happy Fathers Day-Custom '11 Camaro.
CFV03 3/4 Father's Day Poison Arrow Kmart & Kroger HW-Happy Fathers Day-Poison Arrow.
CFV05 4/4 Father's Day Corvette C6 Kmart & Kroger HW-Happy Fathers Day-Corvette C6.

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