Fast 4WD
Debut Series HW Off-Road - Road Rally
Produced 2014- Present
Designer Miguel Lopez
HW-2014-110-Fast 4WD-RoadRally.


In the 2015 video release Team Hot Wheels: Build the Epic Race!, Brandon's Quick n' Sik is destroyed by the Land Pirates and is replaced by a blue version of Fast 4WD, similar to the CFK31 version. The car's name is a play on "fast forward" and "4WD" (four wheel drive).


Fast 4WD has been released in the following 1/64 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
110 / 250 2014 HW Off-Road - Road Rally White Red, Dark Grey & Orange tampos, '29' on sides Grey / Plastic Tinted Black Chrome Orange 10SP BDC97 Malaysia Base code(s): F45

2014 New Model

110 / 250 2014 HW Off-Road - Road Rally Orange Black, Blue, White & Orange tampos, '29' on sides Grey / Plastic Tinted Black Whiteline 10SP BFG27 Malaysia Base code(s): G07

2014 New Model

076 / 250 2015 HW Off-Road - Road Rally Metalflake Silver Green & Yellow circuit designs, '68' on sides & hood Lime Green / Plastic Clear Blue Black TRAP5 CFL87 Malaysia Base code(s): G39 076Fast4WD
076 / 250 2015 HW Off-Road - Road Rally Blue White & Navy Blue circuit designs, '68' on sides & hood Grey / Plastic Clear Black TRAP5 CFK31 Malaysia Base code(s): H22, H23 Fast4wdCFK31
- 2016 Multipack Exclusive Lime Green Black, Grey, White & Orange tampos, '29' on sides White / Plastic Clear Yellow Black Black 10SP X6999 Malaysia Base code(s): H48 Fast4WDX6999
- 2016 Spring Card Metalflake Black Gold & White circuit deco & '68' on sides & across top Grey / Plastic Clear Blue Red Gold Chrome 10SP DMY62 Malaysia Target Exclusive
Base code(s): J03
08 2016 2016 Mystery Models (Canada Exclusive) Metalflake Grey Gold stripe and white Circuitry design on sides, 68 on sides and hood Grey Blue Red Gold Chrome Malaysia
- 2016 Track Builder 5-Pack Red White & Yellow design on sides, Black '6' & HW Logo & Yellow 'HWGRFX' on doors. White / Plastic Clear Green Black Grey 5SP (Rear) & Yellow 5SP (Front) DJD27 Malaysia Base code(s): J20 Fast4WD-DJD27

2014 card

From the back of the 2014 card:

Born: 2013
Birthplace: El Segundo, CA USA
Designer: Hot Wheels®
Specialty: 4-cylinder, 4WD hot hatch with 600 HP and massive torque. The oversized back wing adds down force for fast cornering, while rally-style headlights make night racing a breeze. It's a dirt demon designed to go exactly where its driver takes it—to the winner's circle!


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