Drift Tech
Debut Series AcceleRacers
Produced 2005-
Designer Eric Tscherne
Number G8096
Teku Drift Tech

This car was not seen in any AcceleRacers movie because this car and Power Bomb were originally on AcceleRacers the Truth, but, after the non-kid appropriate lyrics in it, it was kept from appearing. This car was created, like Reverb by all the Teku this time to search for Vert Wheeler. This car has a transverse four cylinder turbocharged engine there is a drive by wire steering and carbon fiber body on coil overs and aluminum chassis 20'' wheels. This car is a mix of various Teku cars, such as having the basic design similar to that of Power Rage, and having the roof airscoop of SpecTyte. In 2015, there was a minor change to the casting; the spoiler is no longer a separate piece.


The Drift Tech has been released in the following 1/64 scale versions:

Coll # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
- 2005 AcceleRacers Teku #2 Blue White & orange, "Teku" ZAMAC Orange Chrome CM6 G8096 Malaysia Orange spoiler 05-G8096 Drift Tech Blue-Orange wing top rsz
- 2005 AcceleRacers Teku #2/9 Blue White & orange, "Teku" ZAMAC Orange Chrome CM6 G8096 Malaysia Blue Spoiler Teku Drift Tech
- 2006 Ultimate Track 3-Pack Yellow Silver & black w/bee tampos, "G Machine" ZAMAC Tinted Chrome Yellow CM6 J3558 Malaysia A3t7
- 2007 Holiday Hot Rods Satin Silver N/A ZAMAC Red Black Red PR5 M3081 Thailand Wal-Mart Exclusive Drifttech
- 2007 Holiday Hot Rods 3-Pack Satin Red N/A ZAMAC Clear Chrome PR5 M7625 Thailand Target Exclusive Holiday Rods Drift Tech
- 2008 Max Steel 5-Pack (1) Gray Gray, black & white tampos Unpainted Blue OH5 Malaysia 2008-5P-Max Steel-Drift Tech
2009 Race Aces Chrome Red, black, & white tampos, "2" on sides & hood Black Red Red PR5 P3502 Malaysia Image Not Available
- 2009 Mega Chomp Starter Set Gray Blue, red, white & black shark mouth design Red Red PR5 Malaysia Image Not Available
- 2010 Color Shifters Orange (Cold) / Yellow (Warm) Hot Wheels logo Unpainted Tinted PR5 Thailand Also in the Color Shifters Line of 2014 Image Not Available
- 2015 2015 Color Shifters Purple (Cold) / White (Warm) Purple & White stripes, '68', HW Logo on sides Black / Metal Tinted Grey Black/White rim (Front) & Purple Chrome (Rear) OH5 CFM42 Thailand Base code(s): H29 DriftTechCFM42Cold
- 2016 Track Builder 5-Pack Blue Black, Green, Yellow & White deco, '05' on sides Metalflake Silver / Metal Clear Orange Black Black PR5 w/ Yellow rims DJD18 Thailand Base Code(s): J09 DriftTechDJD18
2016 Ghostbusters Series Red Thailand


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