This article is a list of Dragstrip Demons released in Late 2008 for 2009.

This New line for 2009 consists of 30 Die-cast vehicles, with a metal base, detailed decoration and Real Rider wheels. It also includes a total of 30 different drivers. For the second series issued in 2010, click here.

2009 Dragstrip Demons

Toy # Col. # Model Name Driver and Car Picture of Original Car Photo
N8957 01/30 72' Plymouth Barracuda Funny Car (1997)

"Snake" Prudhome's Black Snake 'Cuda

IMG 0001

Snake Drag Strip Demons
N8959 02/30 Altered State Pure Heaven II AA/FA


Pure Heaven 2 DD
N8960 03/30 71' Dodge Challenger Funny Car Ramchargers Challenger


N8973 04/30 Ford Mustang Funny Car George Doty's '71 Mustang

Z HotWheels

71MustangFC DSD
N8964 05/30 Hemi Cuda

Sox & Martin Super Stock '68 Plymoth Barracuda


Hemi Cuda DD
N8967 06/30 '78 Corvette Funny Car

Mongoose McEwen's English Leather Corvette

113 0411 21s 1978 chevrolet corvette front left view

Mongoose Corvette DD
N8977 07/30 '69 Dodge Charger Funny Car

Roland Leong's "Hawaiian" Charger Funny Car

Hawaiian Charger Funny Car Hawiian Charger DD
N8970 08/30 Ford Thunderbolt Butch Leal’s “Mr. 42 Ford Thunderbolt Dragstrip FordThunderbolt DSD
N8978 09/30 Dodge Challenger Funny Car

Gary Densham’s "Teachers Pet" Funny Car

Gary Densham Funny Car Gary Gresham
N8974 10/30 '65 Dodge Coronet

Dave Strickler’s ’65
Dodge Coronet

Dave Stricklers Coronet 65 coronet
N8958 11/30 74' Chevy Vega Pisiano & Matsubara '74 Vega Drag Vega Pisiano & Matsubara '74 Vega
N8962 12/30 Front Engine Fuel Dragster

Beebe & Mulligan Front Engine Fuel Dragster

Bebbe & Muligan Dragster Dragster DD
N8972 13/30 '63 Chevy Nova

Wilshire Shake Match Bash Nova

'63 Chevy Nova Wilshire Shaker 1963 Nova Wilshire DD
N8968 14/30 '64 Ford Thunderbolt Mariposa Mauler '64 Ford Thunderbolt '64 Ford Thunderbolt '64 Mariposa Thunderbolt
N8961 15/30 '65 Dodge Coronet Dick Landy's '65 Coronet A/FX Landy's '65 Dodge Coronet Landy's 65 Coronet
N8963 16/30 Plymouth Barracuda Funny Car (1997) Don Prudhomme's '72 Army Snake 'Cuda Army Snake 'Cuda Prudhomme's Army Cuda
N8975 17/30 '70 Plymouth Duster Funny Car Rough & Tumble '70 Duster Funny Car '70 Plymouth Duster Funny Car
18/30 Bradford's Fiat AA/FA
N8976 19/30 '74 Plymouth Duster Tom "Mongoose" McEwen's English Leather Mongoose Duster '74 English Leather Plymouth Duster
N8977 20/30 Plymouth Barracuda Funny Car (1997) Lil Nate 'Cuda Funny Car 'Lil Nate' Cuda Lil Nate Cuda Funny Car
N8979 21/30 Front Engine Fuel Dragster Hot Wheels Front Engine Fuel Dragster "The Zipper" Front Engine Fuel Dragster Hot Wheels The Zipper
N8975 22/30 Altered State

Mike Zarnock's Altered Roadster

Mike Zarnock Altered Roadster 2
AlteredState DSD
N8981 23/30 '68 Plymouth Barracuda Bill Stile's Super

Stock Barracuda

Plymouth Barracuda Bill Stiles
N8980 24/30 '78 Corvette Funny Car Bruce Larson's
USA -1 Corvette
Bruce Larsons Corvette Funny Car Bruse Larson's USA - 1 Corvette
N8986 25/30 74' Chevy Vega Don Prudhomme's Army Funny '74 Vega Don Prudhomme's V8 Vega Funny Car Don Prudhomme's Army Snake Vega
N8991 26/30 70 Camaro Funny Car Gang Green '70 Camaro Funny Car Gangreen Camaro Funny Car
N8985 27/30 Plymouth 'Cuda Funny Car Don Prudhomme's Snake II Plymouth 'Cuda Funny Car Don Prudhomme's Snake II Cuda
N8982 28/30 '74 Plymouth Duster Tom McEwen's Navy Mongoose II Mongoose II
N8992 29/30 Ford Mustang Funny Car Go To Blazes '71 Mustang Funny Car Go To Blazes Mustang
N8988 30/30 '70 Camaro Funny Car

Bruce Larson's USA-1 Camaro

USA-1 Camaro Camaro USA-1

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