Dodge Power Wagon
Debut Series 2000 First Editions
Produced 2000 - Present
Designer Gary Saffer
Dodge Power Wagon


The Dodge Power Wagon has come out in the following 1/64 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
085 2000 First Editions Met. Silver black/white "POWER WAGON" grey Plastic Dark tint Black ORSB 24393 Malaysia Dodge Power Wagon
189 2001 Mainline Metallic Black Power Wagon grey / plastic Pale tinted Black ORSB 53728 China Dodge Power Wagon black metallic 2001
5pk 2001 Police Cruisers Black Blue, Gold, White, "D.C. POLICE" Black / Plastic Red tint Black ORSB Thailand Dodge Power Wagon Blk
114 2002 Mainline White "Hot Wheels Planet" Border Patrol Gray / Plastic Black Tint Gray OR5SP 54410 China Black Pastic Hot Wheels Boarder Patrol Capital BP P1100246c 1000
218 2003 Mainline Metalic Brown Yellow, Green, Black tampos, "Trail Boss", "Alt Terrain" Chrome/Plastic Black Tint Black OR5SP 57184 China DODGE POWER WAGON 001
5pk 2004 Truckus 500 OR5SP
Dodge Power Wagon 24
5pk 2006 Hot Trucks Metalic Brown Gold, Black & White Tribal Tampos on side Black plastic Yellow Black Gold 5SP China Black plastic cover Dodgepowerwagon.brown
098 2007 Code Cars Met. Red Yellow and Orange flames on sides Base, w/'s Black / Plastic Black tint Black OR5SP K7649 Malaysia Dodge Power Wagon Code
098 2007 Code Cars Metalic Green Yellow and Dark Green flames on sides Black / Plastic Black tint Black Chrome OR5SP Malaysia Black plastic cover Dodgepowerwagon
2012 40 Ford Convertible 10 Pack & Hot Wheels 3-Pack Metalflake Brown flames on sides Chrome/Plastic Yellow Black Chrome OR5SP Malaysia Base Code(s): E10 Dodge Power Wagon.3-Pack 2012


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