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This series was released in 2008. For this series, Mattel went outside the company and got designers from automakers Ford, Mitsubishi, Chrysler (Dodge), Lotus, Honda, and GM (Chevrolet) to design a Hot Wheels casting. Hot Wheels designer Jun Imai designed the last casting in the series, HW40.


Toy # Model Name Year Series Photo
M3305 Gangster Grin 2008 Designers Challenge

M3311 Mitsubishi Double Shotz 2008 Designers Challenge

Mitsubishidoubleshotz designer black
M3312 Dodge XP-07 2008 Designers Challenge

DodgeXP07 challenge black
M3313 Lotus Concept 2008 Designers Challenge

Lotusconcept orange
M3314 Honda Racer 2008 Designers Challenge

M3306 GM Chevroletor 2008 Designers Challenge

M3315 HW40 2008 Designers Challenge



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