Debut Series 2003 First Editions
Produced 2003 - Present
Designer Mark Jones
Number 56388
FE Da'Kar


Da'Kar is a concept Paris to Dakar rally vehicle conceived by Hot Wheels designer Mark Jones .

This car is playable in Hot Wheels: Beat That.


The Da'Kar has been released in the following 1/64 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
048 2003 First Editions 36/42 Pearl light orange Hot Wheels logos on side and rear cover, "HW Rally 16", Teal, Orange, Red, Black tampos on side ZAMAC Tinted Black OR5SP 56388 Malaysia FE Da'Kar
164 2005


Metallic Brown Black, White & Orange Tampos ZAMAC Orange Chrome OR5SP H9072 Malaysia

DaKar metallic brown

5pk 2006 Off Road Warriors Dark Orange Black, White & Red Tampos ZAMAC Clear Black OR5SP China Dakar
2008 Turbo Driver Car-Tridge Copper Black and White - Desert Black / Plastic Clear Black OR5SP N1712 Thailand Base has been adapted for game play N1712 0910 Turbo driver Da Kar
5pk 2008 Desert Race 1000 Image Not Available
5pk 2010 Jungle Rally Cream Orange, Purple, Black and White tiger racing deco, "10" Chrome / Plastic Orange tint Black Chrome Gold OR6SP R0964 Thailand Da'Kar JungleRally
212 2011 Thrill Racers - Jungle 2/6 Orange Yellow, Black and Tan leopard racing deco, "255" Chrome / Plastic Green tint Black Brown tires, Chrome Gold OR5SP T9919 Malaysia Base Code(s): D21, D23 Da'Kar
208 2012 Thrill Racers - Beach '12 Lime Green White, Light Blue and Blue racing deco, "6" Black / Plastic Blue tint Chrome Chrome Orange OR5SP V5512 Malaysia Base Code(s): E26


089 2013 HW Stunt - Desert Force Dark Green Team HW Tampos and Hot Wheels logo on sides Grey / Plastic Dark Green tint Black Green tires, Black OR5SP Malaysia Base Code(s): E37 2013 Da'Kar
089 2013 HW Stunt - Desert Force Matte Black Team HW Tampos and Hot Wheels logo on sides Yellow / Plastic Yellow tint Black Yellow tires, Black OR5SP X1920 Malaysia Base Code(s): E51 2013-089-HWStunt-DaKar-Black
5pk 2014 X-Games Metallic Gold White 'X Games' on sides Black / Plastic Clear Black Red rim OR6SP BFB38 Thailand Base Code(s): G14 Da'Kar-2014 5-Pack
5pk 2015 Desert Force IMG 2945 24
5pk 2016 HW Formula Space Metalflake Silver Black, Gold & Blue designs, '88', Sponsor Logos & HW Logo on sides Blue / Plastic Clear Orange Black Goldenrod tires, Black OR5SP DJD31 Thailand Base code(s): J29 DaKarDJD31

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