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DC Universe vehicles were first released in 2012. They came in a blister pack featuring art of that specific DC Comics character. Each car was designed with that DC Comics character in mind...what the character would look like if they WERE the car.                                                                                                                              2013 has released a second wave of DC Universe cars, but it seems they dropped the DC Universe label and now just have a DC Comics label on them.

  • Although the DC Universe/DC Comics series is based on all of the DC Comics characters, besides the main members of the Justice League it has mainly focused on BATMAN heroes and villians so far.


The Following Castings were in the DC Universe:

Toy # Casting Name Body Color Notes Card Photo Vehicle Photo


Blue w/ Red Cape  The Blue paint on this car is shiny with light sparkles Superman1 Superman2
W4516 Green Lantern Transparent Green with Black underneath Green lantern Green lantern2
W4517 The Joker Purple and Green Joker Joker2
W4512 The Flash Red Flash Flash2


Flat Black Batman Batman2


Purple Catwoman Catwoman2
W9218 Two-Face Purple/White Two face Two face2
W4518 Bane Flat Black Transparent green tubes around the body Bane Bane2
W4514 Wonder Woman Transparent Red and Clear Wonder woman Wonder woman2
W9219 Mr. Freeze Blue, and Silver This recent series of DC Universe cars has a black border on the card instead of blue.  "DC Universe" is no longer on the card, even though its clearly part of the same set. Freeze Freeze2
Y0746 Robin Red, Yellow, and Green Robin Robin2
Y0747 Killer Croc Reptilian Green Killer Croc 75px-Image Not Available
Y5153 Superman (re-release) Blue w/ Red Cape

Same car as series 1 Superman, but re-released in the black border packaging

(the Blue paint on this version isnt sparkley like the original one was)

Superman repackage 75px-Image Not Available

The Joker (re-release)

Purple and Green Same car as series 1 Joker, but re-released in the black border packaging Joker repackage 75px-Image Not Available

Batman (re-release)

Flat Black Same car as series 1 Batman, but new art on the card. Batman repackage 75px-Image Not Available

Green Lantern (re-release)

Transparent Green with Black underneath Same car as series 1 Green Lantern, but new art on card. Green Lantern 75px-Image Not Available

List of Products

Single Packs



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