Customized C3500
Debut Series 1998 First Editions
Produced 1998 - Present
Designer Phil Riehlman
Number 18848
Customized C3500 Grn


The Customized C3500 has come out in the following 1/64 versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes Photo
663 1998 First Editions #26/40 Metallic Aqua Blue, Purple and white thin swipe extending to taillights. Hot Wheels logo before rear fender flare Gray / Plastic Smoked tint Gray 5DOT 18848 Malaysia Rarer tampo variation Customized c500 thin tampo
663 1998 First Editions #26/40 Metallic Aqua Blue & White thick swipe ending on fender flare Grey / Plastic Black tint Grey 5DOT 18848 Malaysia Customized C3500 Grn
5pk 2003 T-Wrecks Candy Red red/yellow/black black / Plastic tinted black 5SP China Customized C3500 pickup T-Wrecks 5-pack 2003
5pk 1999 House Calls Pearl Magenta Yellow, Black & White "JERRY'S ELECTRIC" Black / Plastic Blue tint Black 5SP Thailand Customized C3500 pickup magenta 1999
1027 1999 Mainline Pearl Magenta Yellow, Black & White "JERRY'S ELECTRIC" Black / Plastic Blue tint Black 5SP 18848 Malaysia Customized C3500 Pnk
209 2000 Mainline Yellow Orange/Purple/black/White "THORN BROS." Black / Plastic Clear Black SB 25380 China Customized C3500 Yel
209 2000 Editor's Choice White Orange, Black and silver Black / Plastic Clear Black PC5 China Customized C3500 ECL
2000 JC Whitney Promo White Red, Blue, Silver strip on side. JC Whitney Chrome / plastic Smoked White GYRR China Customizedc3500
5pk 2002 Asphalt Assault Blue HWTrans "9" Black / Plastic Yellow Black SB thailand Customized C3500 Asphalt Assault 5-Pack 2002
182 2003 Pride Rides Green Green & Yellow Black / Plastic Smoked Chrome 57174 Malaysia CustomizedC3500182
2007 Canadian Tire Promo Metallic White Red and Black stripes, Canadian Tire Logo on doors Chrome / Plastic Clear Black 5SP L4689 China Only sold in Canada Customc3500 canadiantire
5pk 2007 Hot Wheels 5 Metalflake Green Green & yellow flames on sides, HW logo on bedcover Black PR5 China Ghjk (7)
5pk 2008 Customizers Corner Shop Metalflake Purple red tribal, silver/black/red "Hot Wheels Customs" Logo on sides Black Smoked Black Chrome Rim OH5 Thailand 2008-5P-Customizers Corner Shop-Customized C3500
092 2011 Heat Fleet 2/10 Metallic Purple Lime Green Flames outlined in Orange Black / Plastic Tinted Pearl Gray Green Chrome OH5 T9799 Malaysia CustomC3500 Heat Purple
092 2011 Heat Fleet 2/10 Metallic Green Orange & Yellow Flames outlined in Black Dark Grey / Plastic Tinted Pearl Gray OH5 T9959 Malaysia Base Code(s): D10, D11 CustomC3500 Heat Green
092 2012

Nose Art 2/6

Black & Gray Pirate Skull on roof, sea stripes on sides. ´Bonny Lass' on back. Metallic Unpainted Light Blue Pearl Gray RR Malaysia 20180214 103412
2014 Pop Culture Pearl Dark Yellow & Metal flake Lt. Gold Speedy Gonzales deco on sides, 'Looney Toons' on rear, White stripes on hood Unpainted / Metal Dark Tint Black WWGoldRRMag's BDT06 Malaysia Base Code (s); F45, F48 HW-2014-Looney Tunes-Customized C3500-Speedy Gonzales.