Custom Dodge B 300 Van
Debut Series 1991 AutoCity
Produced 1991 - 1998
Number 16979
Custom Van Aqua


Based on a Dodge B 300 Van. Although Mattel aquired Corgi in 1989, models never mixed until 1996 when there were several corgi casting found in the Hot Wheels line-up. This was quite short lived though. Although similar in appearence to Custom '77 Dodge Van, this model is a former Corgi casting, and they are in fact 2 different cars.


The Custom Van has come out in the following versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes Photo
1991 Auto City Blue Enamel "HW-Logo", "Racing Team" on sides Gray / Plastic Solid Black No Interior Corgi China Europe Only; transition version w/ "Corgi" branding on base Stongocustomvanfront
PS 1993 Sto & Go Gas Station Playset Black Red, Yellow, White Large Hot Wheels Logo "Racing Team" Gray / Plastic Black tint None Corgi 65605 China Playset Exclusive Customvanblackfront
1997 Chuck E. Cheese Exclusive Purple Yellow, Orange, and Red flames, 'Chuck E. Cheese's' on sides. Chrome / Plastic Solid black None 5SP 16979 China Image Not Available
1998 JC Whitney Metalflake Aqua Gold, Black and Blue "JC Whitney" Gold / Plastic Black tint None Gold Hub RR 18671 China Available only from JC Whitney Custom Van Aqua


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