Custom '42 Jeep CJ-2A
Debut Series 2009 New Models
Produced 2009-Present
Designer Phil Riehlman
Number N4030
Custom42JeepCJ2A09FeRF Thomas


With a roll bar, a parachute, a blown V8 engine and rear paddle tires, this Jeep eats up the competition! Being a modified version of the '42 Jeep CJ-2A from World War II, this truck has an oversized engine sticking through the hood (something we've come to expect from Hot Wheels) and four exhaust pipes protruding from the each side. Imagine if this vehicle were in WWII!


The Custom '42 Jeep CJ-2A has come out in the following 1/64 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
027 2009 2009 New Models #27 Olive Green White star & HW logo on sides, Star & 'Jeep' on hood Chrome / Plastic None Beige OR5SP , 5SP N4030 Malaysia Base code(s); B21 Jeepcj12
027 2009 2009 New Models #27 Khaki Olive star & HW logo on sides, Star & 'Jeep' on hood Chrome / Plastic None Green OR5SP , 5SP N4030 Malaysia Base codes(s); B34, B45 Custom42jeep khaki
214 2010 Race World Jungle 2/4 Khaki Green & Gold Camoflauge & Black 'Safari' on sides Chrome / Plastic None Tan Gold OR5SP , 5SP L2593 Malaysia Base codes(s); C18 P1090463c 1000
- 2013 Flying Customs Series White Yellow & Red flames on sides & hood Unpainted / Metal None Red CT , BW X8191 Thailand Base code(s): E46 Custom '42 Jeep CJ-2A Flying Customs


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