Croc Rod
Debut Series New Models
Produced 2008 - Present Day
Designer Rob Matthes
Number L9933


The Croc Rod is a Hot Wheels casting based on a crocodile on wheels, debuting in the 2008 New Models series. It pays homage to the Speed Demons series of cars from the 1980's.


Engine: I(Inline)-8 Swampy Gatorius

Horsepower: 800 HP

Top Speed: 205 MPH (331 Km/H)

Acceleration 0-60 mph: 6.4 seconds


The Croc Rod has come out in the following versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
2008 New Models
Green Black eyes, Green ZAMAC N/A Chrome OH5 L9933 Malaysia Base Code(s): CrocRodGreen
5pk 2009 Creature Cars 5-Pack Light Green White Plastic N/A Gold Eyes Gold 5SP N4070 Thailand Base Code(s): N40705packcreaturecarsCrocRod
5pk 2009 Creature Cars Light Green White Plastic N/A Gold Eyes Gold PR5 N4070 Thailand Base Code(s): Crocrod creature
2010 Color Shifters Creatures Light Green Hot Wheels logo Unpainted N/A Chrome eyes OH5 R1183 Thailand Base Code(s): Image Not Available
2011 Thrill Racers Jungle
Satin Green Orange & light green triangle & stripes Pearl White Plastic N/A Gold eyes Copper Rim Brown OH5 T9920 Malaysia Base Code(s) C40, C51 Croc rod 2011
5pk 2012 Creature Cars 5-pack Yellow Flame tampos Yellow Metal N/A Grey eyes Front Chrome, Rear Copper PR5 W4248 Tahiland Base code(s): E43 DSC00049
2012 3-Pack Light Green Orange & White triangle stripes White Plastic N/A Chrome Copper-Rim OH5 Malaysia Base Code(s) E10 Croc Rod .2012 3-Pack
2013 HW Racing Super Chromes
Chrome Satin Green Metal N/A Gold Eyes Green Chrome PR5 X1771 Malaysia Base Code(s): F27 Croc Rod-2013 142
5pk 2015 Dino Riders Red Yellow, Green & Black camouflage Yellow Metal N/A Grey Eyes Silver Rim Green OH5 CDT19 Thailand Base Code(s): DinoRidersCrocRod
5pk 2017 Dino Riders 5-Pack Green Black & Green triangle stripes Black Metal N/A Yellow Light Green Rim Red OH5 DVG03 Indonesia Base Code(s): K27 DinoRidersCrocRod2017