In 1998, Hot Wheels released a pair of 2-Car sets to commemorate the 45th Anniversary of Corvette. They each featured two brand new Corvette castings from the collector-aimed 100% Line, all featuring opening hoods.

Dream Car (drem kar) adj. 1. An automobile that performs to the highest expectations of its driver. 2. Psychology. A vehicle inspiring mental images, emotions and sensations so gratifying they create a sense of longing. see: CORVETTE.

GM's 2-Seater made its dramatic and successful debut at the 1953 Motorama due to its eye-catching design and innovative construction. From those first 300 Polo White, hand-built beatuies of '53 evolved the powerful, 430 horsepower, '67 Stingray, then the shark-like body style of the '82 Stinger and finally the current bold C5 model. Throughout the years, Corvette styling and performance have constantly been improved and refined until reaching its current status as an automotive icon. Four Decades of unprecedented success have established the Corvette as America's preeminent sports car. The 45th Anniversary set is a tribute to the impact and longevity of this fiberglass fantasy car.

Set 1 of 2

The following vehicles were included in the Corvette Showcase 45th Anniversary 2 Car Sets - 1 of 2:

Casting Name Color Photo
'53 Corvette White 53 corvette white collectibles 2-car set
1982 Corvette Red 82 Corvette red collectibles 2-car set car

Set 2 of 2

The following vehicles were included in the Corvette Showcase 45th Anniversary 2 Car Sets - 2 of 2:

Casting Name Color Photo
1967 Corvette Blue Corvette 67 bl
'98 Corvette Convertible Silver Image Not Available

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