The Corvette 5 Pack (W4245) was released in 2012.



The following castings were in the Corvette 5-Pack (W4245):

Casting Name Body Color Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Country Notes Photo
Corvette SR-2 Orange White scallops on side. Black circle with white 110. Tinted Black Dark Grey 5SP Thailand 2012-5pack-CorvetteSR2
Corvette Stingray (2003) Purple White side stripe with silver flames, White circle with black 3, White "Hot Wheels" Yellow Tint Light Grey Gold 10SP Thailand 2012-5pack-CorvetteStingray
'69 COPO Corvette Red White stripes on sides, Black 69 Tinted (Blue) White Gold Chrome 5SP Thailand 69 COVETTE
Corvette C6R Lime Green Black and White Racing Deco, "GM" "06" Smoke Grey White PR5 Thailand 2012-5pack-CorvetteC6R
Corvette Grand Sport Tan Blue,white, red racing deco. sponsors, "15" Tinted (Blue) Black Blue Chrome PR5 Thailand 2012-5pack-CorvetteGrandSport

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