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The Hot Wheels Color Shifters Creatures were released in 2010 as a follow up to the Color Shifters line. The cars in this line featured a 3-Stage Color Changing Process. The Line was divided up into 5 sub-groups as well. The Aquatics, The Demons, The Attack Pack, The Insects & The Creature Catchers.

Toy # Year Casting Name Color (Cold) Color (Warm) Color (Hot) Sub-Group Notes Photo
R1172 2010 Vampyra Attack Pack Vampyra 4
R1173 2010 Dragon Blaster Purple Red Yellow Attack Pack Base Codes: C18 Dragon Blaster 2
R1174 2010 Super Stinger Maroon Lime Yellow Aquatics Base Codes: C03, C05 HW Super Stinger C03
R1175 2010 '57 Chevy Yellow Orange Brown Creature Catchers 2010colorshifters-57 Chevy
R1176 2010 '07 Cadillac Escalade Maroon Lime Yellow Creature Catchers Image Not Available
R1177 2010 Rodzilla Attack Pack Base Codes:C05 Image Not Available
R1178 2010 Piranha Terror Purple Orange Yellow Aquatics Base Codes: B51, B52 Piranha Terror - CS Creatures
R1179 2010 Speed Spider Red Orange Yellow Insects Base Codes:C05 Speed Spider 3
R1180 2010 Arachnorod Insects Image Not Available
R1181 2010 2008 Lancer Evolution Creature Catchers Image Not Available
R1182 2010 Rescue Ranger Green Blue White Creature Catchers Base Codes: C23 Rescue Ranger-2010 Color 'Green' Shifters Creatures
R1183 2010 Croc Rod Aquatics Base Codes:C05 Image Not Available
R1184 2010 T-Rextroyer Purple Red Yellow Attack Pack Base Codes:C05 T-Rextroyer 2
R1185 2010 Buzzkill Green Yellow Insects Base Codes:C05 BuzzKill Creatures
R1186 2010 Skull Crusher Brown Purple Blue Demons Base Codes:C05 SkullCrusher Creatures
R1187 2010 Mega-Duty Creature Catchers Base Codes:C05 100 6961
R1188 2010 Invader Red Orange Yellow Creature Catchers Base Codes:C05 Invader color shifter creature R1188 inbetween
R1189 2010 Hammer Down Blue White Aquatics Hammer Down
R1190 2010 Rig Dog Attack Pack Base Codes: C05 RigDog Creatures red
R1191 2010 Scorpedo Insects Base Codes:C09, C17 Scorpedo ColorShifters 1
R7753 2010 Evil Eye Brown Purple Blue Demons Base Codes:C05 EvilEye creatures
R7815 2010 Custom '77 Dodge Van Orange Light Brown Green Creature Catchers Base Codes:C04 Descarga
2010 Tomb Up Brown Purple Blue Demons TombUp creatures
R7791 2010 Zombot Blue Purple Demons Zombot-2010 Color Shifters Creatures 2
R7795 2010 Supdogg Image Not Available
Color Shifters
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