The Hot Wheels Color Shifters Creatures were released in 2010 as a follow up to the Color Shifters line. The cars in this line featured a 3-Stage Color Changing Process. The Line was divided up into 5 sub-groups as well. The Aquatics, The Demons, The Attack Pack, The Insects & The Creature Catchers.

Toy # Year Casting Name Color (Cold) Color (Warm) Color (Hot) Sub-Group Notes Photo
R1172 2010 Vampyra Attack Pack
Vampyra 4
R1173 2010 Dragon Blaster Purple Red Yellow Attack Pack Base Codes: C18
Dragon Blaster 2
R1174 2010 Super Stinger Maroon Lime Yellow Aquatics Base Codes: C03, C05
HW Super Stinger C03
R1175 2010 '57 Chevy Yellow Orange Brown Creature Catchers
2010colorshifters-57 Chevy
R1176 2010 '07 Cadillac Escalade Maroon Lime Yellow Creature Catchers
Image Not Available
R1177 2010 Rodzilla Attack Pack Base Codes:C05
Image Not Available
R1178 2010 Piranha Terror Purple Orange Yellow Aquatics Base Codes: B51, B52
Piranha Terror - CS Creatures
R1179 2010 Speed Spider Red Orange Yellow Insects Base Codes:C05
Speed Spider 3
R1180 2010 Arachnorod Insects Image Not Available
R1181 2010 2008 Lancer Evolution Purple White Turns Blue to touch from Purple Creature Catchers When at room temp, turns Pale Pink when exposed to cold water.

Included in 2014 Splash & Dash Playset



R1182 2010 Rescue Ranger Green Blue White Creature Catchers Base Codes: C23
Rescue Ranger-2010 Color 'Green' Shifters Creatures
R1183 2010 Croc Rod Aquatics Base Codes:C05
Image Not Available
R1184 2010 T-Rextroyer Purple Red Yellow Attack Pack Base Codes:C05
T-Rextroyer 2
R1185 2010 Buzzkill Green Yellow Insects Base Codes:C05
BuzzKill Creatures
R1186 2010 Skull Crusher Brown Purple Blue Demons Base Codes:C05
SkullCrusher Creatures
R1187 2010 Mega-Duty Creature Catchers Base Codes:C05
100 6961
R1188 2010 Invader Red Orange Yellow Creature Catchers Base Codes:C05
Invader color shifter creature R1188 inbetween
R1189 2010 Hammer Down Blue White Aquatics
Hammer Down
R1190 2010 Rig Dog Attack Pack Base Codes: C05
RigDog Creatures red
R1191 2010 Scorpedo Insects Base Codes:C09, C17
Scorpedo ColorShifters 1
R7753 2010 Evil Eye Brown Purple Blue Demons Base Codes:C05
EvilEye creatures
R7815 2010 Custom '77 Dodge Van Orange Light Brown Green Creature Catchers Base Codes:C04
2010 Tomb Up Brown Purple Blue Demons
TombUp creatures
R7791 2010 Zombot Blue Purple Demons
Zombot-2010 Color Shifters Creatures 2
R7795 2010 Supdogg
Image Not Available
Color Shifters
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