Cloak and Dagger
Debut Series 2007 New Models
Produced 2007 - Present
Designer Kevin Cao
Number K6162
Cloak And Dagger-Art

The Cloak and Dagger is an original Hot Wheels casting, debuting in the 2007 New Models.


The Cloak and Dagger has come out in the following 1/64 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color Window Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
030 2007 New Models Green Dark Green and Green tampos on wheel covers Black Plastic Tinted Removable Canopy OH5/Black K6162 Malaysia Cloak & Dagger - 07FE Black
030 2007 New Models Black Dark Red and Red tampos on wheel covers Black Plastic Red Tinted Removable Canopy OH5 K6162 Malaysia Kmart Collector's Day Cloak N Dagger Red
176 2008 2008 Mystery Cars Metalflake Gray Blue and White flames on top Black Plastic Blue Tinted Removable Canopy PR5 M6946 Malaysia Mystery cloak
091 2009 HW Special Features Pearl White, Gray and Red tampos on sides and roof Gold Chrome Plastic Yellow Tinted Removable Canopy Gold Rim / Black OH5 P2411 Malaysia CloakAndDagger Yellow & Black
091 2009 HW Special Features Flat Purple Red tampos on side and roof Red plastic Purple Tinted removable canopy Red Rim / Black OH5 Malaysia Cloak.purple
5pk 2011 Halloween Steel Blue Silver tampos on side and roof Clear plastic White Glow in the Dark removable canopy Clear OH5 V8926 Malaysia Target Exclusive Cloak & Dagger (800x600)
214 2012 HW Thrill Racers - Ice White Black/ White/ Orange Tampo "27" "Rettberg Racing" Chrome Teal tinted removable canopy Teal OH5 V5518 Malaysia 2012-TRI04-CloanAndDagger-Teal
077 2014 Fright Cars Translucent Green Yellow and Dark Green Water Globs Chrome / Plastic Clear

removable canopy

OH5 Malaysia 2014 Treasure Hunts Series Cloak&DaggerTHunt
017 / 250 2016 X-Raycers Transparent Yellow Blue & Orange stripes, '09' & 'X' on sides Transparent Blue / Plastic Fluorescent Orange Chrome & Transparent PR5 DHP49 Malaysia Base code(s): H44 Cloak and Dagger 2016 1
017 / 250 2016 X-Raycers Transparent Yellow Yellow & Blue stripes, '09' & 'X' on sides Transparent Blue / Plastic Transparent Green Chrome & Transparent Yellow PR5 DHW49 Malaysia Base code(s): Cloak and Dagger 2016 2
343 / 365 2017 X-Raycers DTY14 Malaysia Base code(s): Cloak&DaggerDTY13


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