Hot Wheels Classics was a line of vehicles released between 1984 and 1989, and is not to be confused with Mattel's later line called Hot Wheels Classics. The Classics line featured mostly cars from the 1920's through the 1950's and included such vehicles as '37 Bugatti and Talbot Lago and street rods such as T-Bucket and '32 Ford Delivery. The special cards for this line featured a Rolls-Royce Phantom II.

Classics models by casting:

Name Year Notes Photo
Rolls-Royce Phantom II 1984 Rolls Royce Phantom II - 5377cf
'65 Mustang Convertible 1987 Light Blue '65 Mustang Convertible - 6349df
'57 Chevy 1987 57 Chevy TurqWtampo
Mercedes 540K 1988 Mercedes 540K blkbw
Talbot Lago 1988 White Talbot Lago 5358ef
Classic Cobra 1988 Red Classic Cobra - 3091df
3-Window '34 1988 3-Window '34 - 5359e
T-Bucket 1989 First Edition T-Bucket - 7051df
'32 Ford Delivery 1989 '32 Ford Delivery - 5360f
'35 Classic Caddy 1989 '35 Classic Caddy Classics - 5379df
'37 Bugatti 1989 '37 Bugatti
'40's Woodie 1989 '40's Woodie 1989 Classics - 7590df

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