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Chrysler Thunderbolt
Debut Series 1998 First Editions
Produced 1998 - 2003
Designer Mark Jones
Chrysler Thunderbolt Slv

Description: This car is powered by a mid-mounted V10 producing 670HP, this car was driven by Fluke in Highway 35.


The Chrysler Thunderbolt has come out in the following versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
671 1998 1998 First Editions #32 of 48 Pearl Silver Purple Hot Wheels logo on trunk Black / Plastic Tinted (Purple) White 5DOT 18844 Malaysia Chrysler Thunderbolt Slv
1107 1999 1999 Hot Wheels Metalflake Dark Blue Black, Blue, Silver flames Black Plastic Black tint White 3SP Malaysia Chrysler Thunderbolt Blu
004 2000 Future Fleet 2000 Series 4/4 Black Purple, yellow Silver markings Grey Plastic Yellow tint White 3SP 26007 Malaysia Chrysler Thunderbolt CD
225 2000 2000 Hot Wheels #225 Red

White, Silver, & Black flames/stripes

Black Plastic Clear Black 5SP Malaysia Chrysler Thunderbolt Red
225 2000 2000 Hot Wheels #225 Red

White, Silver, & Black flames/stripes

Black Plastic Clear Black 5SP Thailand Chrysler Thunderbolt Red
N/A 2001 Shark Park 5-Pack Black Blue full shark on doors, open-mouthed shark on hood Grey Plastic Blue tint White 3SP 50012 Thailand Shark-themed Chrysler thunderbolt black shark park 5-pack 2001
136 2002 2002 Hot Wheels #136 Metalflake Red Black Plastic Yellow Tint Black Gold 5DOT 136 Malaysia DSCN3386-1-
6/36 2003 Highway 35 World Race Metalflake Purple Wave Rippers Team Graphics Clear Black Blue-Rim, White CM5 B0896 Chrysler Thunderbolt - Hwy 35


From the back of the 1998-card:

The HOT WHEELS® Chapparal 2G racer was available from 1969-1971 and came in over a dozen colors. Look for the metallic pink version which is highly valued by collectors!

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