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A version of a casting that is produced in a very limited run.

Below are links that will show different Chase Cars

2008 Fright Cars Series

The Invisible car Phastasm in the 2008 Fright Cars Series Set 1/8, making this die-cast hard for Hot Wheels collectors to complete thier set. The Phastasm was an all clear plastic die-cast Hot Wheels, only the axles showing any metal. A Wal-Mart Exlusive.

2008 Leap Year

Another 'Chase Car was the 2008 Leap Year Car, that was a '52 Chevy Truck with the Clover Cars, and both were a Wal-Mart Exclusive.

2009 Groundhog Day Car

Was a Bad Bagger and was found in the 2009 Valentine's Day Cars making this piece very hard to find, and both were a Wal-Mart Exclusive.

2015 Mystery Models

The '63 Corvette Stingray was the chase car featured on the Mystery Models packaging.

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