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The first motorcycles appeared in 1975, in the Flying Customs line.

It would be 22 years until the next motorcycle, Scorchin' Scooter, was released.

In 2000, the boxed set, Rumble Road Harley-Davidson was released, adding 4 more hogs to the stable.

In 2012, Hot Wheels released a line of motorcycles with riders called Motor Cycles

In 2015 they finally earned their own mainline segment in HW Moto, and again in 2016 HW Moto, with one new release, and three times the charm? 2017 HW Moto(though 2017's included a quad).

Motorcycles released by year.

Year/Debut series Casting
1975 Flying Customs Motocross1 Motocross 1
1975 Flying Customs Streeteater Street_Eater
1997 1997 First Editions Scorchin' Scooter Prpl Scorchin' Scooter
2000 2000 First Editions BlastLProRor Blast Lane
2000 100% Hot Wheels Harley-Davidson 1920 100-mph-1999 Harley-Davidson 1920 Racer (100%) AKA
2000 100% Hot Wheels Harley-Davidson 1948 Panhead 1999 Harley-Davidson Panhead (100%) aka 1948 Harley-Davidson Panhead (100%)
2000 100% Hot Wheels Harley-Davidson Fatboy 1999 Harley-Davidson Fatboy (100%)
2000 100% Hot Wheels Harley-Davidson Thunderbolt Harley-Davidson Buell
2001 First Editions 2005-080a Fright Bike
2001 First Editions 2005-076a Outsider
2004 First Editions Dodge Tomahawk SilvL Dodge Tomahawk
2004 First Editions Crooze WozRedRF W-Oozie aka Crooze_W-Oozie
2004 Thunder Cycles Image-1435868605 Bone Beast
2005 First Edition Realistix Airy8Profile Airy 8
2005 Classics Series 1 Woozie Antifreeze Pit Cruiser
2005 Batman Begins Batcycle 2005 Batcycle
2006 First Editions Hammer Sled - 07 Reg TH Hammer Sled
2007 Classics Series 3 Bad Bagger - RedClassics Bad Bagger
2007 New Models 2008-052 HW450F Wastelander aka HW450F
2008 Classics Series 4 Boss hoss motorcycle 2011 white Boss Hoss Motorcycle
2008 New Models Canyon Carver AGENTAIR 3 Canyon Carver
2008 Action Duos 2008 Batpod 1-64 Batpod
2009 New Models New Bike AGENTAIR OCC Splitback
2009 New Models 09FETriStopMeRt Tri & Stop Me
2010 New Models Duc Ducati 1098R
2010 Battle Force 5 Hot-wheels-battle-force-5-chopper Chopper (Battle Force 5)
2012 New Models Blastous moto 2012 yellow Blastous Moto
2012 New Models Harley davidson fat boy 2012 yellow Harley-Davidson Fat Boy
2012 New Models Street Noz-2013 100 Street Noz
2012 The Hot Ones HW-Motor Cycles-Yamaha Vmax Yamaha VMax
2013 HW City Rides - Street Power Ducati Diavel-2013 Ducati Diavel
2013 HW Imagination - Future Fleet Max Steel Motorcycle Max Steel Motorcycle
2013 Motor Cycles 3-SQUEALER (2013) 3-Squealer
2013 Dhoom 3 Movie HW-2015-190-BMW K 1300 R-ThrillRacers BMW K 1300 R
2013 Motor Cycles HW-Motor Cycles-SkullFace Skullface
2013 Motor Cycles HW-Motor Cycles-Tred Shredder Tred Shredder
2013 Motor Cycles X2087 Blastous
2014 HW City - Speed Team HW-2014-36-Ducati 1199 Panigale-SpeedTeam Ducati 1199 Panigale
2014 HW Off-Road - Hot Wheels Test Facility Fly-By-2014 119 Fly-By
2015 HW Moto HW-2015-083-Street Stealth-Moto Street Stealth
2015 Entertainment - Top Gun Kawasaki Ninja GPZ 900R package front Kawasaki Ninja GPZ 900R
2016 HW Moto Honda Monkey Z50-2016 Honda Monkey Z50
Ghostbusters (2016) 2-Pack Ecto2-DRW73 Ecto-2


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