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Clube Hot Wheels Brasil

The Clube Hot Wheels Brasil founded September 2007, is an online community that allows enthusiasts and collectors from all over the globe to participate in forums and debates creating a live environment of information exchange. Periodically the Clube Hot Wheels Brasil put up events where people get to meet each other which allows everyone to share their passion in common, the miniatures. We have been presenting these events in São Paulo and Niterói, Rio de Janeiro's neighbor city. Each time in one city on a four time basis per year, the last one a special Christmas version when all collectors bring their minis for exposition and exchange. The main purpose of the event is to present the 1:64 scale miniatures, which means that all cars are 64 times reduced their original size. There are a vast variety of models, specially limited version rarities on the show. During the events, samples are given to the kids and participants who receive a Participation Certificate at the end.

To integrate this special club you only have to log in and it's free. We also carry a subscriber plan in which the collectors receive discounts on associates stores, privileged boxes on the expositions, priority to shop on the club online store and an exclusive forum where the latest releases are launched and discussed.


The Clube Hot Wheels Brasil creates series of exclusive miniatures, limited and marked with serials numbers. Per edition we create an average of 50 minis with exclusive painting and thematic package . We have 9 series launched and always something new on the run.

Collectors are all around Brasil. São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Paraná , Bahia, Santa Catarina, Minas Gerais, Ceará ...In all of them the participants set up their own initiative to expose their collections to the public . Each collector bring their expertise in themes as Ferraris, Antiques, Sport, Movies, Police, Taxis and so on. One also can find those who bring their minis from late childhood with stories to tell and enchant all that come to experience the wonders of collectors world.



Clube Hot Wheels Brasil special series

This Hot Wheels vehicle has come out in the following 1/64 scale versions and the painting is exclusive and limited serie of Clube Hot Wheels Brasil. The casts is a customization for all collector that frequent our club and are a big hit in Brazil, have already sent to collectors in the USA and Europe.

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Prod. units Country Photo loose Photo carted
Clube Hot Wheels Brasil 2011 Serie 4 years birthday White Volkswagen SP1 Black Crhistal Black RRLW5 72 Brazil
395261 344145332280920 165307673498021 1292019 1037473562 n
375526 344584958903624 165307673498021 1293372 258805208 n
Clube Hot Wheels Brasil 2011 Serie 3 years birthday White '77 Dodge Van Chrome Brown smoke Black 5SP 82 Brazil Niver32 Niver31
Clube Hot Wheels Brasil 2011 Serie Special #1 White Baja Breaker Chrome Clear Silver OR5SP 72 Brazil Baja1 Baja2
Clube Hot Wheels Brasil 2011 Serie Race #2 Blue Plymouth GTX Chrome Clear Black OH5SP 62 Brazil Screen shot 2011-11-12 at 20.28.53 259959 223663790995742 165307673498021 863835 2311085 n
Clube Hot Wheels Brasil 2010 Serie Muscle #2 Red '70 Buick GSX Chrome Clear Gray 5SP 60 Brazil 208776 205684419460346 165307673498021 727060 1301896 n 196393 205684382793683 165307673498021 727058 5717843 n
Clube Hot Wheels Brasil 2009 Serie 2 years birthday White, purple and black Asphalt Assault Black Black smoke Chrome 10SP 60 Brazil 208592 205683746127080 165307673498021 727043 5188340 n 197904 205683736127081 165307673498021 727042 6141845 n
Clube Hot Wheels Brasil 2009 Serie Sport #1 Zamac Ferrari 288 GTO Black Clear Black 5SP 60 Brazil 190601 205683469460441 165307673498021 727039 651706 n 208135 205683452793776 165307673498021 727038 6089292 n
Clube Hot Wheels Brasil 2009 Serie Race #1 White and red '69 Dodge Coronet Super Bee Black Clear and Black smoke variation Black 5SP 50 Brazil 206035 205684922793629 165307673498021 727064 2287904 n 207595 205684882793633 165307673498021 727062 3266434 n
Clube Hot Wheels Brasil 2009 Serie Muscle #1 Orange '08 Dodge Challenger SRT8 Black Clear Black OH5SP 50 Brazil 190377 205685129460275 165307673498021 727069 472661 n 195855 205685079460280 165307673498021 727066 3576228 n
Clube Hot Wheels Brasil 2008 Serie 1 year birthday Black and yellow '69 Chevelle SS 396 Chrome Clear Black 5SP 50 Brazil 197979 205684036127051 165307673498021 727047 5457737 n 195978 205683996127055 165307673498021 727045 3894521 n
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