Debut Series AcceleRacers Silencerz
Produced 2005 - Present
Designer Jun Imai
CFL02 Carbide tcm1067-182722 w230

The Carbide was first introduced in the AcceleRacers series, being driven by the Silencerz. In 2014, the tooling for the car was updated; the spoiler was updated very slightly.


Carbide has been released in the following 1/64 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
2005 Acceleracers Silencerz #5 Grey Grey Circuit Board Patterns on Sides Black Purple Chrome CM6 G8117 Malaysia Carbide
- 2006 AcceleRacers - Team Colors Purple Silver circuit designs on sides Black Clear Chrome CM6 Malaysia Playable and unlockable vehicle in the DS version of Hot Wheels: Beat That! CarbideTC
- 2006 Ultimate Track 3-Pack Blue White flame tampos on sides Black / Metal Clear Blue Chrome CM6 J3558 Malaysia Carbide06Accel
- 2006 Holiday Hot Rods Satin Dark Blue No Tampos Black Dark Tint Gray 10SP L1191 Malaysia CarbideHHotRF
- 2008 Clover Cars Gold Chrome Gold & Black flames on sides, flames and clover on wing Unpainted / Metal Clear Black 5SP N1122 Malaysia CarbideN1122
- 2009 Race Aces Antifreeze Chrome White, Black & Blue tampos, '5' on sides & nose Black / Metal Clear Blue Chrome Black OH5 w/ Yellow rims P3505 Malaysia Spoiler Molded w/ Base P3505
- 2012 Mega Loop Mayhem 5-Pack Lime Green Black, White & Red tampos, flames, '03', & 'Stunt Team' on sides Black / Metal Clear Red CR5SP W4249 Thailand Base Code(s): E13 CarbideW4249
- 2014 Color Shifters Metalflake Purple (Cold) / Metalflake Blue (Warm) Dark Purple & White stripes, Blue wave insignia, '28', 'Ocean Rescue' on sides Matte Black / Metal Tinted Chrome Black PR5 w/ Blue Chrome rims BHR54 Thailand Base Code(s): F32 CarbideBHR54-Cold


161 / 250 2014 HW Race - Super Chromes
First time in Mainline
Chrome Black & Orange flame tampos, '02' on sides Crimson Red / Metal Tinted Black Black OH5 w/ Red Chrome rims CFL02 Malaysia Updated tooling
Base Code(s): G42
161 / 250 2014 HW Race - Super Chromes
First time in Mainline
Gold Chrome Blue & White flame tampos, '02' on sides Blue / Metal Tinted Black Black OH5 w/ Gold Chrome rims CFL76 Malaysia Base Code(s): H17 CarbideCFL76
- 2016 Multipack Exclusive Sea Green Black, Yellow & Gold flames, '02' on sides Anodized Goldenrod / Metal Clear Yellow Black Black OH5 w/ Yellow rims X6999 Malaysia Base Code(s): H48 CarbideX6999
- 2017 Multipack Exclusive? Yellow Black, Blue & White tampos, '02' on sides Black Matte / Metal Tinted Blue Black OH5 w/ Blue Chrome rims X6999 Malaysia Base Code(s): J45 CarbideYellowX6999


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