Camaro Fifty is a Wal-Mart Exclusive. It shows is a series celebrating the 50 years of Camaro. There are 8 models that feature Camaros through the years and It was released on 2017.

Camaro Fifty

Col# Toy # Casting Name Body Color Notes Photo 1 Loose Photo 2 Card
1/8 DWC90 '67 Camaro Beige 67 Camaro Fifty 1-8-67Camaro50th
2/8 DWD23 '69 Chevy Camaro Black & Blue Lines 69 Camaro Fifty 2-8-69Camaro50th
3/8 DWC87 '81 Camaro Green '81 Camaro 3-8 81Camaro 50th
4/8 DWC88 '85 Camaro IROC-Z Silver IROC 4-8 85CamaroIROCZ 50th
5/8 DWC89 '95 Camaro Blue Listed as '95 Camaro on package Camaro Convertable 5-8 95Camaro 50th
6/8 DWC90 '13 Camaro White '13 Camaro 6-8 13Camaro 50th
7/8 DWC91 '10 Pro Stock Camaro Red '10 camaro pro 7-8 10proStockCamaro 50th
8/8 DWC92 '13 COPO Camaro Yellow '13 COPO Camaro 8-8 13 COPOCAMARO 50th

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