Blown Delivery
Debut Series Series 9
Produced 2010-Present
Designer Phil Riehlman
BlownDelivery 10HWC

Originally rendered as a concept sketch by Phil Riehlman in 1995, the Blown Delivery was ditched in favor of the Volkswagen Drag Bus to be used as a promotional vehicle with plenty of room for Tampo/Graphics. In 2006, Phil Riehlman revealed the sketch publicly in an interview on Because the sketch featured Coca-Cola logos, it was sometimes referred to as the "Coke truck" until it was finally created and named in 2010. It also has some features from the 'fast-bed hauler' which was released in 2014.


This Hot Wheels vehicle has come out in the following 1/64 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
2010 HWC Series 9 Neo-Classics Spectraflame Red "Redline Delivery" logos in Gold Chrome-Plated Metal Clear Tan Real Riders 5-spoke wheels w/red stripe tampoRR5SP/rs R8415 Thailand BlownDelivery 10HWC
2011 2011 Collector Edition 4/4 spectraflame Gold & black HotWheels Logo & "4" on sides,yellow & white flames on sides metal base Clear Black Spoke 5 RR Red stripe V7307 Thailand DSC04865
2011 2011 RLC sELECTIONs Series Spectraflame Blue Red Line Club "Selections" 2011 on sides Chrome Metal Base Clear Pearl White spoke 10 RR Red Stripe V0489 China DSC04859
2011 Dream Halloween Spectraflame Green body,medium green fenders Hot Wheels, "Graveyard Shift",white Skull & arm bones on sides & Roof,gold motor,lt yellow blower scoop Black Metal Base Clear Black Spoke 5 RR Gold China 121
2013 Series 12 Spectraflame Race Team Blue,White Fenders Large red & white "HotWheels" on sides Metal Chrome Base Clear Blue Spoke 5 RR w/"Hot Wheels Race Team" in white on tires Y0451 China Image Not Available
2013 Series 12 Spectraflame Olive Body, Black Fenders "Red Line Transport Logistics & Supply" on sides Metal Chrome Base Clear Black RL Y0453 Malaysia BlownDelivery-2013NeoClassics
- 2016 Kmart Mail In Metalflake Turquoise Hot Wheels Logo & "1" on the sides, white,red & yellow flames on sides and roof. Chrome / Metal Clear Black RR5SP red stripe DJH55 Malaysia Base Code(s): H41 HW-Kmart mail in-Blown Delivery
2017 HWC Real Riders Spectraflame Rootbeer & Tan Roadside Refueling and Repair & Philips 66 Logo on sides Metal Chrome Base Clear Black Spoke 5 RR Cream Stripe DMJ00 China


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