Debut Series Hot Wheels
Produced 1991 - 2008
Number 12341
Blimp fuji


The tail fins on the blimp can be rotated to reveal two different messages printed on the left side of the blimp.

Also known as the "Goodyear Blimp" (1991-1998), "Flyin' Aces Blimp" (1995 only), "Fuji Blimp" (1995 only), and just plain "Blimp" (1994 to 2008)


The Blimp has come out in the following 1/64 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Blimp Color Tampo Gondola Color Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
249 1994 1994 Hot Wheels White Fixed side - Green & Red "Fuji film"Spin side - Green & Red "Fuji film" and Red & Yellow HW logo White 12341 Malaysia named Fuji Blimp for this release Blimp fuji
332 1995 Photo Finish Series #2 White Fixed side - multi color Los Angeles city scape

Spin side - Yellow HW logo and Red HW logo

Black 13319 Malaysia named Flyin' Aces Blimp for this release Blimp PP
587 1997 1997 Treasure Hunts10/12 Blue Red, Yellow, & White HW logo White 16684 Malaysia Hotwheels 026
1074 1999 1999 Hot Wheels Black Red 24088 Malaysia
142 2000 Virtual Collection White Red 27108 Malaysia Blimp VC
2002 Sports 5-Pack Brown "HWSL" "HOT WHEELS SPORTS LEAGUE" Light Grey Thailand Tail does not rotate Blimp FB
2001 Pro Racing 2001 Flour Orange "32 Tide Racing" Yellow, White and Blue Flour Orange Thailand
2001 Pro Racing 2001 Blue "99 Citgo Racing". White Orange Orange Thailand Blimp.citgo
2001 Pro Racing 2001 Yellow "17 Dewalt Racing", Black Black Thailand Blimp.dewalt
2001 Pro Racing 2001 Blue "12 Mobil 1 Racing", Red Pagasus. Red Thailand Blimp.mobil1
210 2001 Mainline Gold "Power Blimp" Orange 53739 Malaysia A1112
2006 Aerial Attack 5-Pack Red "AA" Aerial Attack Logo Black J3300 China

Hot Wheels logo. Tail Scrolling.

76 2007 Aerial Attack 4/4 Gray "HOT AIR SKY SWAMI" Polished Metal K7591 Malaysia Blimp.gray
2008 Top Speed GT 5-Pack Gold Black and White "Top Speed GT" tampos Polished / Metal L9969 Malaysia Top Speed GT Blimp - 9543cf


Similar Casting and Names

1991 Hot Wheels

Goodyear Blimp - 01881ef

Goodyear Blimp (1991)

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