The Alien Attack 5-Pack was released in 1999, featuring the following vehicles.

Alien Attack

Casting Name Body Color Tampo Color Base Color + Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Country Notes Photo
Power Pistons Grey Black, Red, Green, White "3" Unpainted metal Green tint Light Green 5SP Thailand Power Pistons Gry
Flashfire Metallic Orange Black, White, Red Black Plastic Grey tint Gold 3SP Thailand Flashfire GldRd
Camaro Z-28 White Black, Orange, Purple "ALIENS" Black metal Black n/a 5SP Malaysia Camaro Z28 Wht5pk
Lexus SC400 Black Yellow, Red, White "4" Black / Plastic Yellow tint White Gold 3SP Malaysia Lexus SC400 Blk3SPflms
Porsche 930 Met. Gold White, Orange, Black "2" Unpainted / Metal Black tint Black 3SP Malaysia Porsche 930 Gld

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