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The Action News Team 5-Pack was released in 1997, featuring the following vehicles. Action News Team

Casting Name Body Color Tampo Color Base Color + Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Country Notes Photo
Propper Chopper Blue Red, White, yellow, "ACTION NEWS" Black / Plastic Blue tint Black Black Blades Malaysia Propper Chopper Blu
Oldsmobile Aurora Blue White, Red and Yellow "Action News" Black / Plastic Black tint White 5SP Malaysia Oldsmobile Aurora Blu
Trailbuster White Yellow, Blue, Red "ACTION NEWS", "OFF ROAD REPORTER" Unpainted / Metal Grey Tint Blue ORSB Malaysia Trailbuster Wht
Delivery Truck White Yellow, Blue "BRAOADCAST VAN", Red "ACTION NEWS" KNWW" Black / Plastic Clear Black 5SP Malaysia Known as Delivery Truck Delivery ActnewsL
Big Rig Pearl Met. White Red, Blue, Yellow, "ACTION NEWS" "FIELD TRANSPORT RIG" "1" Blue / Plastic Solid Blue Unseen 5SP Malaysia Big Rig Wht

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