Acceleracers 5

Acceleracers 5 was the nickname for the supposed cancelled sequel cartoon to finish off the Acceleracers series. Fan plots have been created multiple times by fans, but none were ever considered canon. The following is a list of unreleased cars that were supposed to make it into the movies, but never appeared, or were supposed to make it into the wave 5 toy line, and never appeared. It has been confirmed by HWC Admins that an Acceleracers sequel was scrapped early on due the shows unpopularity with parents and lackluster toysales.

Unreleased cars

The following is a list of cars that never saw the light of day in either the movies or toyline.

Name Team Movie or Toyline (Which was it absent from) Photo
Teku 7 (Official name never released) Teku Both 21460321 10212673026693827 1672368471 o
RD-07 Racing Drones Toyline Rd07
Magnesium Silencerz Toyline Magnesium
Power Bomb Metal Maniacs Movie Power Bomb AcceleRacers 2005 CM5-0
Drift Tech Teku Movie Drifttech-0
Nightlife Teku Toyline Nightlife
RD-03 Racing Drones Movie RD-03 Black-0
RD-10 Racing Drones Movie RD-10
RD-04 Racing Drones Movie RD-04-0
RD-01 Racing Drones Movie RD-01
Metaloid Silencerz Movie Metaloid
Carbide Silencerz Movie Carbide
Thunderblade Metal Maniacs Movie McDonaldsunknown
Octainium Silencerz Movie Octainium-1
Titanium Silencerz Both Titanium


  • The Metal Maniacs bike Jaw Jammer was never released into the Acceleracers Toyline, but eventually made it's way into the mainline under the name "Airy 8", it even got a release with a figure that resembled Porkchop, it's driver!
  • The Metal Maniacs car Thunderblade never got a release in the Acceleracers Toyline, but it did get a McDonald's release, and eventually got released as a police car as "Rogue Hog!"