The 7th Annual Hot Wheels Nationals Convention took place April 25-29, 2007 in Dearborn, Michigan. The following is a list of cars that were exclusive to the Convention.

7th Annual Hot Wheels Nationals Convention

The 7th Annual Hot Wheels Nationals Convention featured 9 castings.

Toy # Casting Body Color Color / Chassis Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Country Quantity Notes Photo
L7862 '67 Camaro Metalflake Orange 7th ACN
L7863 Scorchin' Scooter Burgundy Image Not Available
L7864 Volkswagen Drag Truck Black/Chrome VW Drag Truck - 07 Nationals
L7865 '65 Shelby GT350 Metalflake Dark Blue Image Not Available
L7866 Rocket Oil Spectraflame Copper & Black Dinner Car Image Not Available
L7867 '70 Chevelle SS Yellow Finale Car Image Not Available
L7868 Heavy Chevy Metalflake Dark Blue Charity Car Image Not Available
L2115 '70 Hemi Challenger Spectraflame Anti-Freeze Exclusive Image Not Available
L2121 Custom Mustang Spectraflame Dark Red Chrome / Metal Tinted (Light Blue) Chrome Neo Classic RL China 10 000 Exclusive CustomMustang 7thNationals

Hot Wheels Nationals Conventions by Year

Hot Wheels Nationals Conventions by Year
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