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5SP or 5-Spoke is a line of Hot Wheels Wheel Types.

Image Letter Code Type Years Used Notes
5SP 5SP 5 Spoke 1995-present
WW5SP's - 6147cf WW5SP Whitewall 5 Spoke 1995
5spgdyr GY5SP Goodyear 5 Spoke 1995
R5SP's - 6162bf RL5SP Redline 5 Spoke 1997-present
B5SP - 6189bf B5SP Black 5 Spoke 1998-present Used on 1998 City Police and 2007 Invader (Back wheels)
Wheels AGENTAIR 78 WWB5SP Whitewall Black 5 Spoke ?
Gold Tint 5-Spoke - 5094cf GT5SP Gold Tint 5 Spoke 2001-? Used in 2001 Sci-Fi Monsters 5-Pack
Red 5-Spoke - 5093bf R5SP Red 5 Spoke 2001-? Used in 2001 Sci-Fi Monsters 5-Pack


B5SP Blue 5 Spoke ? Used on 2003 Weise Letter Getter
O5SP 5SP Orange 5 Spoke ?
Wheels AGENTAIR 44 5SP Green Tint 5 Spoke ? Used In 2007 Angela panel
Wheels AGENTAIR 45 5SP Green 5 Spoke ?
Wheels AGENTAIR 66 5SP Purple tint 5 Spoke ?
Wheels AGENTAIR 65 5 SP Blue tint 5 Spoke ?
Image Not Available WL5SP White Line 5SP 2007-present Used in the Hot Wheels Classics series.
Image Not Available BFG5SP BFGoodrich 5SP 2007 - present Tire has "BFGoodrich Radial T/A" printed on it
FR5SP FR5SP Fire Rods 5SP 2009-? Used on 2009 Fire Rods Series.
HWR5SP Hot Wheels Racing 5SP 2009-
Image Not Available GYW5SP Goodyear White 5 Spoke ?-Present Used on the 2011 '57 Chevy Treasure Hunt.
Chrome Red & White 5SP CRW5SP Chrome Red & White 5SP 2010 Used on the 2010 Old Number 5.5 Treasure Hunt.
Black Goodyear Eagle 5SP BGYE5SP Black Goodyear Eagle 5SP 2010 - present

Has "Goodyear Eagle" printed in Yellow on the tire.

Used on the 2010 '69 Ford Torino Talladega Treasure Hunt.

5sp dirt BT5SP Black & Tan 5SP 2011-present Used on the 2011 Off Track.
Chrome Magenta 5SP CM5SP Chrome Magenta 5SP 2012 Used on the 2012 Hyper Mite fromt the Happy Halloween! series.
Image Not Available CRGYE5SP Chrome Red Goodyear Eagle 5SP 2012 Used on the 2012 '69 Chevelle SS 396 Treasure Hunt.
Chrome Red 5SP CR5SP Chrome Red 5SP 2013-present Used on the 2013 Tyrrell P34 Six Wheeler from the Flying Customs Series.
WB5SP WB5SP White & Black 5SP 2013- Used on Power Rangers Drift King.
Clear 5SP C5SP Clear 5SP 2014 - present Used on the 2014 THE JETSONS Capsule Car.
Image Not Available YB5SP Yellow & Blue 5SP 2016 - present Used on the 2015 Cool-One.
Image Not Available GB5SP Gold & Brown 5SP 2016 - present Used on the 2016 Jabba the Hutt.

Modified 5SP

Modified 5SP, M5SP or Roll-o-Matic (Mattel's name) is a specialized 5SP wheel that is used to cause an action when a vehicle is rolled.

Image Letter Code Type Years Used Notes
M5SP M5SP Modified 5-Spoke 2016-present
  • Used on the front of the 2016 Shark Bite, the protrusions make the jaw go up and down.
  • Used on the front of the 2016 Crate Racer, the protrusions make the engine shake.
  • Used on the back of the 2017 Gotta Go, the protrusions make the toilet seat go up and down.

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