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The 27th Annual Hot Wheels Collectors Convention took place September 25-29, 2013 in Garden Grove, California. The following are the cars released at the 27th Annual Hot Wheels Collectors Convention.

Toy # Casting Body Color Tampo Quantity Notes Photo
Y0598 Volkswagen Drag Bus Blue Dark Blue, Blue & White flames on sides & roof, convention logo on spoiler/roof Image Not Available
Y0599 Dairy Delivery Metalflake Blue White fenders & roof, 'Race Team Delivery' & HW logo on sides, stripes on hood & roof, convention logo on rear Image Not Available
Y0597 '68 Olds 442 Metalflake Dark Red Silver hood & trim, Convention logo on roof, painted headlights & taillights Image Not Available
Y0600 Mob Rod Pearl White Gold & Black deco, 'Sweet Charity' on sides, convention logo & 'Make A Wish' on roof Charity Car Image Not Available
Y0601 Drag Dairy Metalflake Black Orange, Grey, White & Red deco, '20' & HW logo on sides, Convention logo & Phil Reihlman signature on roof Dinner Car honoring Phil Riehlman Image Not Available
Y0603 '70 Dodge Power Wagon Spectraflame Pink RLC Party Car Image Not Available
Y0602 '55 Chevy Panel Pearl White Orange, Yellow, Red & Dark Red tribal flames on sides, hood, & roof, convention logo on rear  Ticket Car Image Not Available

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