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Debut Series 2003 First Editions
Produced 2003-
Designer Dave Weise
24-7 Dave W


The 24/Seven is based on a 2000 Mazda RX-7 Drift Car.


The 24/Seven has been released in the following 1/64 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes Photo
24 2003 2003 First Editions 12/42 Lime Green Black & Yellow Tampos Black Tinted Gray PR5 56365 Malaysia 24 Seven 2003 FE
11/35 2003 Highway 35 World Race Black Street Breed Tampos Grey Green Grey Green-Rim, Gray CM5 B1063 Thailand 24Seven - Hwy35
N/A 2004 2x Turbo Power Launcher White Red & Black Tampos Black Red Grey PR5 24 seven
N/A 2004 Night Breed 5-Pack Satin Green Black & Yellow Tampos Black Yellow Black Gold PR5 24Seven - Night Breed 5-Pack
N/A 2005 Easter Speedsters 5-Pack Light Blue Pink & Green Egg Tampos Chrome Clear White PR5 Image Not Available
53 2006 Drift Kings Series 3/5 Green Black, Silver, & White Tampos Black Clear Black PR5 J3379 Malaysia Playable vehicle in Hot Wheels: Beat That! (DS version) 24seves
53 2006 Drift Kings Series 3/5 Red Black, Silver, & White Tampos Black Clear Black PR5 J3379 Malaysia 24Seven - 06 Drift Kings
78 2007 Hot Wheels Racing Series #2 Blue Hot Wheels Race Team Deco. "7". Silver flames outlined in White. Black Tinted Grey OH5 Malaysia Playable vehicle in Hot Wheels: Beat That! 24Seven - 07 Race Team
2008 Customizers Corner Shop 5-Pack Metallic Light Brown Orange Black decoration Black / Plastic Yellow Tinted Chrome 10SP L9966 Thailand 2008 24-Seven light brown
N/A 2009 Color Shifters Blue changes to White Hot Wheels Race Team Deco. "7" Unpainted Metal Tinted Chrome OH5 P2852 Thailand 24Seven - ColorShifter Blue
24Seven - ColorShifter White
096 2010 Night Burnerz 8/10 Metallic Dark Red Black, Silver and White Stripe design Dark Gray / Plastic Light tint Gray J5 R7521 Malaysia 24Seven NightBurnerz Red
2011 HW Tunerz 5-Pack Metallic Yellow

24/Seven Motorsports "7" Sponsors


Dark Gray / Plastic Grey Tint White



Thailand 2011HWTunerz24-Seven
185 2012 Thrill Racers - Race Course Light Blue Red, Yellow, Black and White Black / Plastic Light Blue tint White Black MC5 w/ Yellow rims V5489 Malaysia Base Code(s): E32 As18793
2012 Team Hot Wheels X-Pandables Fluorescent-Blue Orange and green Hot Wheels tampo Black Plastic Orange Tint Black Black PR5 W/ Orange Rims Image Not Available
2013 Police Pursuit Dark Yellow Black & Silver flames, '55' crossed out on sides Red / Plastic Red PR5 X9252 Thailand Also included in Hot Wheels Race Case IMG 5445
145 / 250 2014 HW Race - HW Race Team Metalflake Blue Red & White stripes, Yellow, Red, & White HW logo on sides & hood, '6' on sides & hood Grey / Plastic Blue tint White White J5 BDD02 Malaysia Base Code: G10 HW-2014-145-24 Seven-RaceTeam
N/A 2016 Police Pursuit 5-Pack Metalflake Pink Black & White checkered design, '24/7' on sides Black / Plastic Clear Purple Black Purple Chrome (Rear) & White (Front) 10SP DJD19 Thailand Base Code(s): H45 24-7DJD19


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